Time to create a new website

Choosing images that show your unique style and range of photography is more time consuming when you haven’t narrowed down your categories to a couple of areas.  Some photographers primarily shoot nudes or boudoir while others are street or architectural photographers.  But me… I seem to continually expand my horizons as I really love shooting just about anything.  Without sounding too egotistical, I think I’m good at most things.  The only arena that I’m interested in and haven’t moved into yet is fashion –  just because I would need a studio, models, designers, make-up, hair and stylists.  And I’m not sure if I am edgy enough for high fashion.  Since I’ve never run in those circles, I don’t know any hair and MU artists, emergin models or young designers who are looking to build their portfolios in a collaborative venture.  So I will shelf those desires and get back to more pressing matters.

Hours have turned into days of being chained to my computer, going through folders, resizing, reformatting and uploading images.  I’m making headway – that’s a good thing.  I like the way it’s coming but I am far from finished.  (Actually it will always be a work in progress). I’m working backward, uploading some images that have not been posted to my current site first,   Then will come the fine tuning of editing even further so that the categories don’t become too massive.  I haven’t even gotten to my dance images.

I will be canceling my Musecube membership subscription as the end of my quarterly billing March 13th and rely solely on the PhotoShelter site I am in the midst of creating.

On a more personal note, I will be changing my name – dropping the one I borrowed and used for 30 + years after my marriage ended; reverting back to my maiden while taking on my new married name.  Legally going through all the red tape that the transition requires when I get back from a trip to Barcelona in April.  Minor inconveniences that are necessary in moving forward.

The new website name is Mary Durante Youtt , visit frequently as I am adding new images daily and will be able to sell prints directly through them when I’m fully up and loaded.

Jene and I will continue with our Labor Of Love Pix venture.  Shooting weddings, bump, birth and beyond portraits.  In fact we were invited to celebrate the 1st BD of the twins we photographed at 3 weeks, 3 mos and 8 mos old.  Time flies.



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