A Government FOR the people…

Stop burying your heads in sand…

I started writing a blog about “The Fine art of loving life”  pausing as I often do before hitting the publish button.  Yes, my draft is saved but my thoughts have wandered.  My mind is mixed with feelings and my thoughts are jumbled for this weekend my daughter and son-in-law informed their daughters that Daddy is being deployed again to Iraq.  Danielle is 5 months into her pregnancy and although they knew his chances of a 2nd tour were high, the decision to have the 3rd child was made.  At that time she was only hoping that he would be home for the birth of this little girl and he will for a week or 2 depending on the actual delivery.  So you can imagine how my head has been swimming.

His first tour of duty, they lived in my town, now they are a 100 miles away.  I remember getting a call at work from Rose, the day Matt left.  Nonna could you come over… Mommy can’t stop crying.  I have held her broken heart in my hands more times than I cared to.  So once again, I have a mother’s heavy heart.  But I am filled with an anger for all the people who’s lives are not interrupted by war, who go about their business, earning money, buying homes they can’t afford and luxury cars to drive.  When will it be their time to sacrifice?  When will they be concerned about their neighbors?

I know people will say that he/they knew what he was signing up for and while there is truth in that, that isn’t a justification as far as I am concerned.   When we we get it, when we will become united?  Why are we only concerned with our own little lives?  Why are we only worried about “ME”?

I am inspired and outraged by the current events in the news.  Inspired because the people of Eygpt banded together and caused change.  Inspired by the Wisc. people who are outraged by government trying to break unions.  Unions are what made this country’s economy strong.  They are responsible for building a middle class – where the people could afford to buy the products they manufactured.    Ford built cars so that the people who worked in his factories could afford to buy them and the unions insured that they had the wages to do so.  Yes a 2 sided sword for sure and no I don’t believe that unqualified workers/teachers should keep their jobs and salaries, the same as I feel that if a CEO makes bad decisions should he keep his contracted salary for the term of his contract – BUT THEY DO…. and they get jobs after under some pretense that they deserve another chance.

I am outraged, that our government officials again are only concerned about cutting spending, not creating jobs or universal health benefits or the dwindling middle class.

The big problem I have is the people in this country are living in fear – fear  of losing their jobs that they will sacrifice someone else’s in their place instead of uniting (as the unions did to protect the group).  It was the CEOs trying to cut the bottom line so that they could earn larger profits and fill their pockets even more with bonuses that had sent jobs overseas.  The union workers were not the ones that did that nor was the middle class.  HELLO people WAKE UP.  Unite and uprise and make this country great again by making our elected officials hear our voices and not those of lobbyists, corporate donors or special interest groups.  Remind them in hand written letters that they work for US.

This is a copy of the hand written letter that Senators Lautenberg and Menendez will be receiving:

Dear Senator Lautenburg,

I am writing to you because anger is filling my heart and I don’t know who else to turn to but to my elected officials.  I know I am not alone in my thoughts.
I don’t know how the government can think that cutting spending will help the people of this country, or how that will create more jobs.  The republicans seem to think that breaking the unions (which is what built the working middle class) will benefit the economy. Who will it help?

Henry Ford built his empire on the belief that if his workers could afford to buy the products they make, he would be in business for a very long time.

Busting unions is not the answer, creating decent paying jobs is.  High speed rail service is being tossed aside.  Do you know how many jobs that would create, not to mention it’s a more economical way to travel and it’s greener.   Christie doesn’t see the need for the Hudson Rail Tunnel and has killed the project.  Maybe he should look farther down the line (past his next term) and see how such spending could build jobs.  The more people working, the more taxes can be collected.  That can help close the deficit gap.

I am tired of the bipartisan rhetoric, the pointing of fingers merely keeps them in power.  Because lobbyist and special interest groups pay for your million dollar campaigns , the officials lose sight of who they are supposed to be working for.  They have only their personal objectives of staying in power in the forefront and not the people’s needs in mind.

It was cutting the bottom line that sent jobs overseas in the first place, profits became greater and senior management benefited.  With the financial crash, they were too big to fail and were bailed out.  I, the taxpayer bailed them out and in order to insure their high profits, salaries and bonuses, they laid off even more workers.  Do we not see the vicious cycle here.  Now who will buy their products.  Certainly not I, I can barely make my modest mortgage payment and am living off unemployment benefits and my life’s savings.

I urge you to consider the needs of the people who put you in the position to look after our interests.  Work for US.  Stop the in-fighting, set aside your egos and do what is right.   Jobs and job security should be a priority.

Cited from http://www.nps.gov :  “With a strong mandate, FDR moved quickly during the first hundred days of his administration to address the problems created by the Great Depression. Under his leadership, Congress passed a series of landmark bills that created a more active role for the federal government in the economy and in people’s lives. During the first hundred days of his administration, Congress passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which stabilized the nation’s ailing bank and reassured depositors, created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), the National Recovery Administration (NRA), the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Believing that work programs were better than relief, FDR secured passage of legislation establishing the CCC and the Civil Works Administration (replaced in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration or WPA). He appointed Frances Perkins as secretary of labor, the first woman to become a cabinet member. With strong prodding from Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR appointed more women to federal posts than any president before him and made sure that black Americans were included in federal job programs (although they remained, in most cases, segregated). In 1935, Congress passed the Social Security Act, the most important and enduring piece of New Deal legislation”.

Look at the past to see what worked and move forward with those programs.


Mary L. Wehrhahn

a very concerned citizen

The time for change is NOW…  If you are outraged at hearing officials say that unemeployment benefits are too high (Ever try living on $2000 a month when your mortgage alone is higher than that and if you are paying for private health insurance it can be $800 a month with the fear of being dropped at any time.)  Tired of hearing your employers say sorry no raises and we want you to give up some benefits – that you should be thankful that you have a job.

Send a hand written letter to your representatives and let them know how the people who voted for them will vote next go round.


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  1. way to go honey, what happened to the short letter i saw yesterday?
    luv u

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