St. Paddy’s Day, AIPAD and more…

Spring is in the air and there’s so much to do here, there and everywhere.   Thursday  starts with the St Patrick’sDay parade and when I worked on 51st and Madison I found my self cursing all the drunks that filled the streets at lunch time.

AIPAD kicks off on Thursday and you know how I like spending time walking through the miles of galleries exhibiting photography at the Park Avenue Armory.  I like to see what the latest fad/printing process is.  I still think about printing some images on metal instead of paper.  I often think of mixing mediums on some of my images but never seem to pull out all the stops.  I wonder what in my past stops me in my tracks from experimenting or pushing the envelope.  I was not the type of person to fit the mold as a youngster… when everyone wore black leather jackets, I wore brown suede.  When designers moved from haute couture to RTW, I stopped buying labels not wanted to be seen coming and going on the streets of Main Street, USA.   What happened? – I was called feisty (a nicer way of saying unruly).  Is it too late to change, is that the issue…  Ah but it’s never to late Mary, remember Picasso said it took him 70 years to learn how to draw like a child.  A personal challenge – hope it doesn’t wind up like a new year’s resolution.

Back to the subject – things to do – a check list of sorts:

Thurs –  Sunday:  AIPAD – Park Avenue Armory

643 Park Ave.  (67th St)  admission $25 daily or $40 run of show  $10 daily with valid student ID

Jene & I will make my way in and out of gallery booths at AIPAD, maybe I’ll take my camera along with me instead of sending you over to Jene’s Fuzzypictures blog for his take on it.  (Although I am often amused by his imagery and views of life and art).

Wednesday – Sunday:  Martha Graham 85th Anniversary at the Rose Theater Columbus Circle – Bway & 60th St.

I’m very excited because Jene ordered tickets for a Friday’s dance performance – Martha Graham 2011 NY season and we’re going to get lost in the beauty of “Snow on the Mesa” directed by Robert Wilson, he calls it “a personal portrait of Martha Graham”  and her last ballet “Maple Leaf Rag” which is a humorous spoof of her work.

Supporting the arts in any form is well worth while.  Art is an expression, a connection into the heart and soul of an artist – painter, photographer, dancer, songtress, poet, musician – the form doesn’t matter but what the artist conveys does.  So get out there, enjoy all that life has to offer.  Jene put up a link for discount tickets of all sorts Saving a couple of $$ in this economy makes a lot of cents.



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