International juried competition – VT. photo SPACE gallery

As I’ve stated before entering a juried competition is a crap shoot and at the last minute I changed out one of the 3 images that I decided to submit to Vermont Space Gallery “A True Story”. The juror is the formidable photojournalist Peter Turnley, someone whose work I saw a while back at PhotoSalon when he was presenting his astonishing work.  His work blew both Jene and I away and I had to applaud him for what he does and the risks he and other journalists take to tell these crucial stories.  Recently Peter was in Egypt and posted some of his stunning photos on his FB page.

I cannot begin to tell you how utterly excited, not to mentioned honored to be a part of this group exhibition.  The exhibit opens April 5th with a reception on April  12th at 5pm followed by a talk – “Moments of the Human Condition” by Peter Turnley.  45 images were selected in the process and are posted online.  Click on “A True Story” for the link to see all the selected photos.

When a woman with breast cancer contacted me through a post on a cancer site, saying that she is not in the metro NY/NJ area but wondered if I would photograph her, I couldn’t say no.  With my magellen navigator in hand, I found my way to her home in SE PA and she found her way into my heart.  Her story is not unique, too many women are diagnosed every day with breast cancer and it effects the entire family stretching out to their extended family of friends and neighbors.  Telling her story through my photos is very important to me, although I have not ecperienced breast cancer first hand, I am a woman, a mother and grandmother of 2 girls with another on the way.  But for the grace of God, go I.

It started with a woman named Carmen, who loved the sensual female nudes I captured and wondered if I would photograph her.  Then she found out she had breast cancer and I shot her before and after her double mastectomy and decided from that point that I wanted to tell her story and those of others – Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer and to show that a scar is just a line drawn across a body.  So if you are in the metro NY/NJ area and want to be a part of my personal body of work, feel free to contact me.  I will schedule a photosession, gratis and will give you a CD of the images that we create together.

You can see the type of photos that I have taken on my Labor Of Love Pix blog.  Although it contains some nudity, the images are artfully captured.

If you are in the Essex Junction area of VT. do stop in the gallery.  My husband and most ardent fan, award winning photographer Jene Youtt will be at my side for the artist reception of April 12th.

Vermont Photo Space Gallery

12 Main Street

Essex Junction VT

Hope to see you there!

Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt


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