ArtExpo and Earth Hour this weekend

Jene Youtt and I will be heading to ArtExpo NY this weekend with over 400 artists from 20 countries exhibiting their work.  It’s a short walk from our NY pied a terre to Pier 94.  ArtExpo starts on Thursday March 24 running through Sunday.  There’s an array of educational seminars and Jane Seymoour will be on hand for Free Arts NYC on Saturday from 9 am to noon.  She will be painting a Warhol inspired mural with the kids from Free Arts NYC.  10% of the door sales will benifit Free Arts NYC.  It’s always a good feeling to give back.

© unknown press photo

Also on Saturday, you can participate in Earth Hour 2011 at 8:30 pm.  My friend, Pat and I participated last year in Auckland, NZ

when the hotel we were staying at invited all the guests to turn off their room lights and join them at the bar for a complimentary cocktail.

Earth Hour 2010

Something to do and the more participants the better…  After all, it’s the only earth we have and the way things are going, we’d better start doing something quick to save energy and our decrease our dependance on fossil fuels and nuclear sources.   Spending an hour or more in candle light can spark a little romance in your life too.  😉

Whatever your plans are, enjoy every moment…

Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt


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