Weekend review – NY style

Jene took the bus out to Jersey Thursday so that we could drop the xr7 at the mechanic’s.  A few things still need to be done that Jene can’t fix.  Spent the day waiting for the car to go on the lift, frustrated Jene stopped by.  A backlog of work had the car sitting outside all day, Friday late afternoon, Jene rolled up his sleeves and actually helped Frank work on a car that needed to get out that night.  Saturday still nothing… we headed back into the city.

Saturday night, we participated in Earth Hour 2011.  I quickly cleared the table, washed the dishes and set out candles in the living room and bedroom.  We sat on the couch, talking and I noticed that other apt lights were out too.  I thought about venturing out to see how many neighbors were even aware of the international movement but instead opted to take a shower by candlelight and turn in early.  😉

A late start on Sunday, we walked down to ArtExpo 2011 at Pier 94.  Maybe we’ve gone to one too many art fairs lately or I’m just tired of seeing paintings, prints and what-not embedded in layers of shiny resin.  We whizzed by most of the exhibits barely turning our heads, let alone stopping to chat although there are always a few artists’ works that are worth the pause.  Original oil paintings are photographed and digital prints are embellished with acrylic paints making them one of a kind editions of 50.  The eyepopping colors of beautiful women in brightly colored gowns and flamengo attire was very impressive on larger then life size canvases.   It must be nice to have the wall space to do these justice.  Jene chatted about the mixed medium process.

An Italian artist Maria Paola Tallini talked about her photography and working her magic in layers in photoshop until she gets the desired effect.  She referred to her post editing as photo painting giving it a vibrant dimension.

© Maria Paola Tallini

© Maria Paola Tallini

Jene chatted with a guy that sells pop art photography and found out that Dan toured with the Rolling Stones about 10 years ago.  Jene toured with them in ’72 through Europe.  Small world –  they spoke of mutual coworkers and “the business”  yadda, yadda, yadda, they could have gone on for hours sharing a few laughs and a lot of stories.  When he talks about the business, his eyes sparkle, it wasn’t an easy gig but it certainly makes for interesting tales with some interesting characters.  Hell, I’ve never toured with the Stones or any rock groups.  Jene’s friend Kenny still does it, but it takes a toll on the body for sure.  Maybe someday he’ll write a book – ‘The life and times of Jene Youtt– the early years’.  I don’t come into play until the later years and not sure how interesting that would be but that would be a romance novel.

One thing I forgot to mention when we went to Scope or was it last weekend walking back from The Artists project and the Architectural Digest Show we stopped at La Boite – Biscuits & Spices.  A new shop on 11th and 51st St.  We passed it once before and weren’t sure if it was a gallery or caterers because there was some stainless steel counters.  It was closed but the owner Lior Lev Sercarz opened the door and invtited us in.  It’s sort of both he said,  he selects international artists and has one of their pieces embossed onto the lid of the cookie tins that are filled with petite biscuits. This unique boxed tin of biscuits make for a unique hostess, birthday or special ocassion gift.

boxed gift-embossed tin of seasonal biscuits

Lior was delightful and I/we could have spent more time getting to know about the gallery which will have an opening at the end of April.  So biscuits and spices – how novel.  Lior created 40 unique blends spices and I want to learn more about the flavors and maybe suggestions on the many uses for his spices.

LaBoite  (Wed – Fri. 3-7pm)

724 11th Avenue

I don’t know that much about spices but have learned over the years to trust my sense of smell.  When I am preparing anything, I let the aromas dictate what spice or herb to add.  I open up the jar, sniff and if I like the flavors, I add that herb or spice.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt







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