Dance the night away…plus other art events this week

NYC Ballet springs into action with performances starting today.  My husband,  Jene Youtt emailed me a crytic message.  NYCB – want to go.  Not sure which performance he is thinking about but I’m game for anything  (Balanchine’s B&W would be nice).  Perhaps he was thinking Mother’s Day?  Discount tickets are available at TravelZoo (free to join).

Art in any form is an expression of emotion and something I always held close to my heart.  From a young age we are taught not to show our emotions as if they were signs of weakness.  Don’t cry, don’t be upset, don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.  WHY NOT!  Are they weapons that will be used against us. (well maybe, sometimes in the hands of the wrong person or around scary aggressive animals)…   And yes, I understand when emotions could become your own worse enemy but that’s not what I am talking about here.  I like releasing my emotions, letting my heart sing, taking flight or sinking into a pool of blue.  They make up who I am.

The Affordable Art Fair also runs this week starting with previews on Wednesday.  Perfect timing for a personal mother’s day gift.  I’m sure we will be heading over there at some point to stop by and see Emmanuel Fremin Gallery’s exhibit (booth B3) as well as A.I.R. gallery and my friend, artist Christine Soccio has work exhibiting at  U Gallery  (Booth E7).  I’m hoping that she will be there in person. (I have one of her first abstracts in my living room).

There’s also an artist’s opening on Sunday @ 6:30 at the Klimat Lounge (77 West 7th St in the city where our friend,  Vlad Kenner will be showing his work.

So celebrate art and life.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt



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3 responses to “Dance the night away…plus other art events this week

  1. Hi Mary! I’m going to be there, Wed night, Thursday during the day and I am going to make a pass through on Saturday with the kids.

  2. And thanks so much for the mention on your blog!!

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