Mother’s Day gifts – art in any form…

is a gift from the heart.

If you are a last minute shopper and still have no idea what to get for your wife/mother/daughter for Mother’s Day – look to a lasting gift of art.  Flowers and chocolates last only for a few days – the wilted petals and empty cardboard boxes will be part of the land fill next week.

A family portrait makes for lasting memories and if you are in the NY/NJ metro area you can schedule a photosession with Labor Of Love Pix

Jene and I are a couple of fine art photographers who will capture the dynamics of your family in an artistic way.

If jewelry is more to your liking, you can find one of a kind unique pieces at Barking Lizards Art & Design Gallery, 231 Bedford Ave in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn…  with price ranges to suit your every need.   Owners, Wanda and Richard are not only entrepreneurs but artists themselves and they carry everything from jewelry, pottery, photography, artfully designed lights, silks, blown glass to sculptures and stained glass pieces.  (A place where I have exhibited and where I have purchased a number of gifts for myself and my friends).

Fine art photography prints are not only lasting but a valued investment.  My florals are hanging in several homes across the area and fit any decor. Or choose from my objects of interest portfolio for an abstract print that will be more a conversation piece of art.

Click here for a look at my website.

Jene has some beautiful scenery which would enhance any room or choose one from his dancer portfolio for an emotionally uplifting vision of color and movement.   Click here to view his website.

For a tasty treat, you can purchase biscuits or jars of spices from LaBoit Biscuit & Spices at the corner of 51st and 11th Avenue, NYC.  The delicate savory delights come gift boxed in a embossed tin of the spring/summer featured artist.  The artistic box can hold “Mom’s little treasures” long after the last crumbs are but a sweet memory.

Think the “MOM” in your life is one of a kind?  Give her a gift that conveys that message loud and clear.   Something unique, with a lot of thought behind it.  (She probably still has the macaroni necklace you made in grammar school or at least remembers how excited you got when she placed it around her neck, it was as special as you and she are).   And remember, mother’s day should be celebrated every day of her life.  Happy Mother’s Day to the mother’s of the world.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt


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