Two sides of Manhattan – Brooklyn & Hoboken

Saturday night I met a number of very talented and charming artists whose works are currently exhibiting at Barking Lizards Art / Design Gallery along with some friends / spouses and partners.

To truly appreciate their work, you must see it for yourself.

Gallery Hours:   Thursday—Saturday, 1pm—7pm, Sunday, 1pm—4pm & by Appointment

231 Bedford Avenue – at the corner of north 4th St., Williamsburg section of Brooklyn  (a short walk from the L train)

I enjoyed talking extensively to Bruce Thurman and his lovely wife Ida, about the progression of his work.  The binder art pieces reminded me of the sketches of work in books of the masters giving insight into the final artwork.

© Bruce Thurman

We talked about 2 of my images on display.  “Victims” from the Killing Fields in Phnom Penn and the nude maternity portrait entitled “Push”



The concept of shooting the pregnant model through plastic occurred to me when I remembered that my father had been born with a birth veil which was considered to be good luck.  A “caul” birth, occurs when the infant is born inside of the entire amniotic sac.   He questioned the position of the model’s hand and after explaining that it came from her right side and it was the shadow of her arm causes one to ponder.  I like that her hand is somewhat disjointed because I remember how my baby would push with such force from inside that I could see the shape of her hand or foot pressing against my belly.  It was an experiment in the moment and not what the entire “bump” photo session was about.  It’s exciting to see if your vision can come to fruition through the lens.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s a story waiting to be told, one that I start and leave it up to the viewer to take what (s)he will from it, finishing it on their own.   It becomes the connection between us.

A brief chat with a couple from the neighborhood about Cambodia and the people, led into a conversation with artist Mark Gibian.  I loved his monoprint and wall sculptures in steel and slumped glass as well as a steel and slumped glass chair (which was surprisingly comfortable).

He recently returned from a trip to Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia.  I mentioned how Jene and I have become involved with Friends Without A Border and Kenro Izu’s Angkor Hospital for Children.  That our donated photo prints have helped raise money to keep his dream of saving lives as well as educating nurses and health care providers in Siem Reap.  Our prints are auctioned along side prints of Steve McCurry, Diane Arbus, Walker Evans to name a few.  We are both honored and humbled to be part of such a worthy cause and knowing that art can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

© Mark Gibian

A few of the other artists on hand are friends of mine as our advertising career paths crossed over 25 years ago.  Gus Guzman painter, sculptor ,  who recently ventured into creating wearable art.  His wife, Deborah Murphy’s beautifully painted murals grace the walls of Barking Lizards.

© Jose Rafael Guzman

Eric Wolman’s street photography is candid and colorful.

© Eric Wolman

Owners Richard and Wanda Correa Drake’s talents are evident and hatched their dream of opening a gallery in the first place.

© Richard Drake

The space itself is a work of art/design with so such attention to detail.

The wonderful thing about going to the artist’s receptions is you can get an insight as to their creative process and an understanding of who they are and how passionate they are about life.

Next Sunday, Jene Youtt and I are exhibiting in Hoboken, NJ for the Spring 2011 Open Studio Tour and you’re invited.

I like being an artistic couple… exhibiting together.  This way we both get to be in the spot light.  So stop by for a glass of wine and mingle with some fabulous artists and crafts people.  All sorts of art forms are on display.

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt


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