Red, white and blue

On our way to my granddaughter’s doctor appt this morning, we noticed Southern Regional High school kids placing flags on the campus.  Later we passed by and I had to rush back with my camera.  The flags nearly filled a football field.  The sun was starting to set behind the building and it was just me and the mosquitoes.  The rows of flags waved in the sun – now this is what Memorial Day is about – paying homage to the soldiers, past, present and future who give of their lives for their country.  Whether you believe in the wars we have fought or not is not the point – it’s about the men and women, our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters.  They deserve to be honored, they have my respect and my thanks for all that they do.  They sacrafice their time, their families go with an empty seat at the dining tables while the masses are heading to beaches or shopping malls.  Let’s not forget them.

Thank you!

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt



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  1. so that’s what you’e been doing these days? xoixo

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