Summer’s unofficial beginnings…

If sitting in traffic is not your thing and you are not heading down the Jersey shore or out to the Hamptons, there’s still plenty to do around town.  (Aside from shopping for Memorial Day sales).  Parades are slated just about everywhere and you can google search for info on your town.

It’s fleet week in NYC- in case you’re looking to pick up a sailor.  Plus all sorts of activities at the Intrepid Museum.  You can purchase discount tickets when you buy a NY Pass (click here).

Time Out NY has a list of things to do this Memorial Day weekend

Wander through the parks enjoying the summer-like temps (and that’s free).  Walk around the High Line Park, look at some art.  View the works for the upcoming auctions at Christie’s.  The viewings are free and open to the public.  Click here for the viewing dates and auctions

Monday – May 30th

Manhattan’s Stonehedge (aka Manhattan’s solstice) can be viewed on .  You know when the sun set aligns with the street grids.  Jene took me when it happened on my birthday in 2007.  Something I had not known about before so of course I thought it was thrilling.  It was memorable.

I’ve been on baby watch all week and will be heading up from the shore tonight, looking forward to a quiet weekend with Jene (unless the baby decides it’s time for her arrival).  Maybe we’ll put some shrimp on the barbie or grill some steaks but the solitude of my backyard sounds inviting.

Take a moment from your busy holiday schedule to remember what we are celebrating – honor the men and women in our armed forces.  I just came across my father’s army baret cap in a box of old photos.   It brought tears to my eyes.  He was my first hero.


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