Hot time, summer in the city…

As the mass exodus takes place on weekends, the city still sizzles and that’s not a bad thing.  Nearly every weekend there is one sort of street fair or another.   Click here for list of this weekend’s events.  Or head on over to the Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade – starts at 2pm Saturday June 18th.  The Mermaid Parade has always intrigued me although I’ve never managed to get there.  It seems to have exploded from it’s humble beginnings.  The best way to get to Coney Island is to take the D, F, N or Q subway to Stillwell Avenue.  It’s all about the artistry and scantily clothed mermaids and mermen in a Mardi Gras atmosphere.  (Something else I’ve never experienced).

If you are staying in the city, the Highline Park just opened the second section at the beginning of the month and is sure to please.  (At least that’s what I’m told… hey honey, we need to get out more).  Lately Jene and I seem to have gotten caught up in our own lives – although we try to jam in as many dance performances, proms, births, graduations, art openings (ours as well as others)  and all the social events that come our way.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything.

Last Tuesday, Jene took me (for my BD) to a Limon Dance performance at Gerald Lynch theater on 59th Street & 10th Ave.   Years ago, Jene did the lighting and toured with the company so the company has a special place in his heart  3 dances:  “There is a Time”, “Chrysalis” and “Emperor Jones”  were performed brilliantly.

© Limon Company - There is a Time

© Limon Company - Emperor Jones

This was a wonderful period in Jene’s life and when he sees Carla, Clay, Nina, Annie he gushes with memories of the past.  It seems when the company performs in NY some of the former dancers make their way back to the city for a brief reunion.  Carla Maxwell, the artistic director helps keep the Limon Company alive.   The company will be in residence at Brockport, NY  July 11-29th.  Dance is something you must experience first hand because each of us interprets movement differently, personally as it touches our souls.  If you are not familar with the troupe, you can find out more on their site.  I discovered that there are free Limon dance lessons at Bryant Park every Saturday  at 11 am – noon (June 4 – Sept, 10th).  Something else to add to our to-do list.

In Jene’s photography it is evident that dancers and their movements fuel his passions.  The click of his shutter capturing that special moment in time –  BAM! and a split second later it is gone as the lights dim.  I am in awe of his work and I am not just saying that because I am his wife,  as he can attest to my honest critique of all his work.  It’s that feel that I get when I look at some of his dancers – WOW… it’s how my body moves in my mind with measured strength, precision, fluidity and grace.  To me, dance is not solely about technique, it’s about how the music moves through your body, an emotional interpretation as the dancers spring across the stage.  It is beautiful, powerful, ethereal and dreamlike.  Something to behold and release at the same time.  I lose myself while watching a performance… all cares are washed away.  His images touch on that, drawing me in as my eyes roam over every inch of light and shadow.  For more of Jene Youtt Photography – click here

Art –  something everyone should immerse themselves in from time to time.  It does a body good!


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