Self induced social network deprivation

Day one of not being on FB was a cinch.  I woke, had coffee with Jene, went to the gym, then spent the afternoon with a friend, who just so happens to NOT be on facebook.  Returned home in time to go on a Lowe’s run, pick up fish for light but sumptuous dinner of pan fried founder with a medley of farm fresh diced squash, zucchini, carrots, peppers, red onion, peach poached in orange juice with a dash of crushed red peppers and a splash of fig/vidalia onion glaze over a bed of rice and a tossed salad.

The only side effect of my isolation is no one else knows what I had for dinner.  Still the longing to be connected to my cyber friends is strong – I am going through addiction withdrawals.

I am a social being and so therefore this is hard for me.  Of course I still have the ability to email and telephone any of my close friends but really no way of staying in touch with my extended circle of friends.  And I do miss that.  People from my past have reached out because of the simplistic ease of “invite”   Some of whom actually reconnected later with me in person.   There’s a HS chum who is a pediatric nurse and puts out some vital information on her status.  Other useful info, links and even the latest images from artists, that I miss, not to mention seeing what my 13 year old grand daughter is posting.

It’s virtually being the fly on the wall and I like that…  And when friends of friends post it’s like ease dropping on conversations.  You may not know exactly what they are talking about, but it can be more interesting than what is going on for you in that moment.  You get to be a nosey body and can even chime in if you want to add to the thread.

This is day 1 & 2 and we’ll see how it feels when I don’t have anything on my social calendar – when I’m bored maybe I’ll start doing the things on my to-do list that I keep putting off.



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