Self portraits competition – SHOTS Magazine

I started to go through my self portrait images last week but time slips through my fingers and I nearly missed today’s deadline for Shots Magazine.  I waver back and forth wondering if I am just throwing money out the window.  One never knows what will tickle the fancy of the judges.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  There are so many terrific photographers in this world… and the competition is fierce.  When I get rejection emails my heart sinks a little but no one will notice me if I don’t show them what I do.  It doesn’t stop me from creating, just reminds me of why I continue… because I love what I do and I like connecting to people.

can't wash away the feelings

Recently one of my images (from a series Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer) had been selected by an international photo journalist whom I respect and admire,  Peter Turnley and I was thrilled.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the exhibit in Vermont for the opening and missed a chance to spend a few moments speaking with Peter.  None-the-less, my work was recognized and appreciated.  A number of my prints have sold when exhibited and that is the icing on the cake.

So much effort is needed to market oneself and it takes time away from creating.  Life and all it’s madness distracts me as it does for my photographer husband, Jene Youtt.  With the birth of my 3rd grand daughter and restoring the ’70 Cougar xR7 convertible behind us, we are now planning a trip through America and will be traveling for a month.  Stopping along the way in VA, TN on our way to visit a friend of his in Arkansas.  Then we will head to NM and up to CO.  Visiting as many National Parks and places of interest as we can.  These life distractions are a good thing and I truly feel blessed to have Jene share these experiences with me.  (He has traversed the country a couple of times years ago but knows how special sharing the moments are).

Soon to be shooting and singing “Happy Trails…”

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt


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