dance… 15th Annual Fringe NYC

Jene had met a dance choreographer Laura Ward/Octavia Cup Dance Theater, 2 weeks ago and photographed a few random images of a loose rehearsal.  I call it loose because not all of the dancers were there.  You can view a few of his images on his blog Fuzzypictures.

Wednesday I took a shot at it.  I was invited along by Jene who initially was going to photograph the rehearsal to do that in his place.  The stage was dim most of the time and it is times like this that I wished I had a better sensor in my camera (which translates into a better camera and lenses) but I give it the old college try and push the limits of my equipment –  Canon 50D with 17-70mm sigma lens.   With my ISO set at 3200, f/4.5 to bring in as much light as possible, I clicked the shutter, knowing that the images I captured would be grainy.  Grainy can work in a few instances and actually gives a raw effect, lending an edgy feel to the image.  Most of what I shot was just the walk through for placement and not very many dance movements.  (My time was limited as the meter was running out on my parking space).

I find the whole process interesting starting with the creative vision of the choreographer through “show time”.  Because of our upcoming trip, we will not be around for the actual performance so I will never see the finished program.  These dancers put their hearts and bodies behind every movement.  The graceful arms, the lengthy stretches of limbs always makes me wish that my childhood piano lessons were dance lessons.  Oh well…  I fully appreciate all forms of art – music included.

If you get the chance go check out the performances at the 15th Annual International Fringe NYC  It runs through August 28th.  Here are a few of the images that I really like…  my only regret is that I had to tend to my car and missed the costumed run-through segment.  The dance ompany will be performing this Saturday so if you are interested in supporting the arts.  GO


























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