Occupy Wall Street – sending a message – anybody listening?

My darling Jene Youtt went down to Zuccoti Park on Saturday to photograph the scene.    I know Jene felt the intensity of the crowd and the police,  he will be blogging on Fuzzypictures and posting some images to keep the momentum going.

I was driving up from the Jersey Shore knowing that I wanted to be a part of this movement and wondered what would happen if we withdraw our money from the BIG Banks and stop using our credit cards.  Would  that get their attention?  Would the CEOs bonuses dip – or would they just lay off another 10% of the 99% to cut the bottom line and ensure they still get their extra millions at the end of their fiscal year.

Corporations were always built on the backs of the workers but in the beginning those workers were rewarded for a job done well.  Now a CEO can totally bring a corporation to their financial knees, get bailed out, and then be rewarded for laying off 10% of the workers and making sure that the other workers were left in fear of losing their jobs after the next round of cuts.  They should be happy they have jobs and if they don’t like working longer hours and doing the work of 1-1/2 people than they can quit.

And it just keeps getting worse…  Finally the downtrodden are banning together and trying to get their messsage across – while we still control tiny fistfulls of the money; pooled together the amount becomes an entity, a bargaining chip.  Marching on the banks Saturday did get some attention – (ah the virtues of media sensation)  46 protestors arrested – I guess the police thought they were storming the banks.

I don’t think this movement will go away.  The people are starting to organize and this will grow.  There is POWER to the people.  United we can change the world.   Can you imagine a world order, a world democracy.  What can come of this.  Maybe an end to the wars that rage.  Wars where a few men feed only the filtered information to the masses, instilling hatred.  Lets go GLOBAL !- I love it.  (Now I’m getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from being cyber connected).

If any politicians want to be re-elected they really need to listen to the people and address this.  The people are speaking and you are our elected officials and are supposed to have our interests in mind.  You can have all the corporate money funneling into your campaign treasuries but if we decide we are tiring of this corrupt society you have created and hold so near and dear to your wallets, you too may be out of jobs.  (Of course you get benefits for life – unlike the other 99% of us who may have to rely of SS or other means – like our lifetime savings as a means to  survive).  So WTF do you really care – you have yours and isn’t that all that matters to you.

I think the heads of these financial enterprises should be stripped of their assests and the holdings that are now in other family members names and hauled off to jail.  A drug dealer’s car and other worldly possessions can be confiscated for selling a bag of pot.  Why can’t a CEO’s.   All of them…  There are plenty of people around without the need for greed who can run the ship.  To them it’s all a game – and the person with the most money and toys in the end wins.    When will they realize that in the “end” they are dead just like the rest of us (maybe they will be buried in a nicer coffin) but dead is dead and all the money in the world can’t keep you alive.

Too big to fail – that’s bull.  When one door closes another one opens.

Can you tell I’m fired up,  I didn’t even have to be among the throngs of protesters to be spitting mad and willing to stick it to the banks.  Turn the tables… which I’m sure we, the people, will suffer the consequences of our actions and that will be Mayor Bloomberg’s mantra I’m sure.  The same as former President Bush used the threat of terrorism to scare the people into submission.  Every other word out of his mouth had to do with making us afraid. Fear is what paralyses people,  Fear of losing their jobs, their savings, their houses. So we relinquish control.  But guess what… we are losing them anyway…  Then they complain that sales are down and they aren’t making their margins, so they lay off more people.  DUH,  who the hell do they think are shopping in their stores or buying their cars.  Europe is in the same grip of financial straits and there too the rich seem to get richer and the middle class is saddled with carrying the burdens of their misuse and appropriations of funds until our backs are broken and there is no middle class left.  Just the rich and the poor and we will be in our places waiting for crumbs to be tossed our way or we will work harder in hopes of becoming like one of them.  Will we forget about our brothers, we will forget the joint cause because it no longer effects us.

My hope is as this movement grows, leaders will be cultivated, people backed with the knowledge of how to organize… The way to kill a giant is to cut off its head.  In our country, we get to VOTE and these votes will count.  If those in power want to stay in power there has got to be change.  I won’t storm the bank, or be violent in any way because I do not believe in violence so I’m not condoning any rioting but I think heads need to roll.

In this country the ratio of pay rate for CEOs and upper management/ to workers is un- f-ing believable.  They all have contracts and will receive full pay and benefits for years after ruining a company by bringing it into bankcrupscy and yet they seem to land on their feet with equal jobs at a greater salaries.  HELLO.  Yet these are the people who are trying to break unions.  UNIONS the backbone of this country, unions which built the middle class.  Ford knew that in order to really make money on auto sales that he had to make them affordable to everyone.  Hensce the assembly line and later came the union lines and people could afford to purchase what was manufactured. Well the police and teachers etc had contracts too and the politicans and corporations have been working hand in hand to break the unions.  What?  no more collective bargaining.  Weaken the people.   And yes, the politicians will blame the unions for the mess – some unions lost sight of the real issues and became part of the machine.  I think it is time to get back to basics, to what is important in life and it’s not always about the money.

For more info go to Occupy Wall Street’s website click:  OWS


unknown photographer

Today, I will start the process of pulling my money out of CHASE  and putting it in a small local bank.  I will open an account with a local bank.   I’ll pay for everything with cash/checks.  Luckily, I don’t carry a balance on my credit cards but the fees that the vendors have to pay will be taken away from them too.
I will get a 99% iron-on decal for a t-shirt before withdrawing my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I want them to know why and will send a email as well as a written letter to Chase


People of the world – unite!

A list of the 1%’s addresses from OWS.  Send them a cordial letter of complaint and let your political representatives know that if they want to get re-elected they better start listening to the 99%.  I want to see these corporate big-wigs, jailed, stripped of all their assests and their contracts null and voided immediately…  Sorry, if you are on their sides, then you are not for the people and will not get my vote.  Now get out there and do your jobs or leave office and let someone else do it.



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