Fix it or toss it out!

I guess what I am really trying to say is some times something is so broken that it is beyond fixing and you are just throwing good money after bad and that is what the government did when they thought that we had to bail out banks and financial corporations and keeping these executives in power – i.e. –  greed continues to pay off and campaign funds flow in by the millions.  That’s the way I feel about our Financial Banking System and our government.

We are so lucky to have the freedoms of speech and I love that the people are standing up and fighting back.  We are 99% and I think soon some politcians are going to take us seriously.  We have witnessed uprisings in Africa, Egypt and France’s workforce, etc and there is something to be said for standing together and not backing down.  Anyone in office will get voted out by me because I don’t like the way they handled things.  An anybody running for election better have a plan in mind.  Stop the back stabbing, name calling, mudslinging crap and tell us how you think we can turn this around.  Cutting spending and raises the taxes of poor and middle class people is NOT the answer.  Jobs – Fine any corporation who lays off workers intentially to cut the bottom line and show a profit -instead of cutting their own saleries and eliminating their 6 figure bonuses.  They are the ones that got us in this mess in the first place and all they care about is staying in business – not for the greater good of the masses but for their own good.  How much money does it take to make you happy?  How many homes do you need to own?  Excess and greed leads to distruction.  Just look at history.

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The world banking system won’t collapse and if it does in a matter of moments another will spring up.  Hopefully a better one.  I think the people are tired of empty promises and tired of waiting for the injustices to right themselves on their own.  It’s just not going to fix itself on its own.  There are a big handful of people who are profiting greatly from the slump that they have put us in.  Do away with one senior partner at the top of a corporation and you could save thousands of jobs.

I worked for nearly 20 years at Toys R Us and witnessed high level executives who were let go, still received full pay and benefits for several years because of the contracts they made.  But aren’t the contracts based on how well you do your job.  NOT AT ALL.  And why are they so binding.  I think if you don’t lead your company into a profit by the sales that are made or services provided, that you should be fired and the contract nulled and voided.  Stop cutting the bottom line by letting go 10% of your workforce.  We are the ones that were buying your products.  I don’t think you were the ones shopping for toys at TRU for your kids.  I don’t think the heads of Target purchase their clothes or furnish their homes with their products.  So maybe they should think twice about slashing jobs.  It’s the middle class that support your businesses and yet you have little concern about eliminating the target demographics of your sales base.  These execs maintain a profit level by cutting additonal 10% of jobs, therefore insuring your bonuses.  And this goes on, year after year and is legal.  It is immoral and should be considered a real crime.  Not to mention all the other criminal fraudulant money scams that no one seems to notice.

Since when does taking the money out of the hands of the people benefit business.  Without a job, I certainly can’t afford to buy your products,  – heck I still drive my 2000 standard transmission, roll up windows, key unlocking, fuel efficient, 150,000 mile Mazda Protege.  It still hums.  It gets me from point A to B without issues so I won’t be buying your $40,000 new and improved autos.  But that’s just me.  No flash, just substance.  When I had a job, I could always be found shopping for clothes at Kids”R”Us for my darling granddaughters.   I worked for the corporation, got a whopping 10% discount and used coupons.  Now I buy gently used items at a wonderful little consignment shop most of the time for the latest addition to the family…  And I’m finding that more and more of my friends are doing the same.

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I support the protesters and will be moving my money from JP Morgan/Chase to a small, local bank.  I normally charge everything onto my credit card, as a matter of convenience.  I don’t purchase anything I can’t afford and pay the balance each month.  On average that is $28,000 a year.  Of course the CC people do not make any profit directly from me but they collect a fee from the vendors.  (3 or 4% of each transaction).

I grew up in a time before credit cards so I know how to plan my life accordingly.  But it became all about convenience, ordering online, purchase something on sale.  I remember when I would ask a sales associate to hold that wonderful dress for me and I would return within 24 hours with the $$$.  Now I have become a instant shopper, I buy clothes without trying them on and return what doesn’t fit, using my credit card.  This practice will stop. Small changes in my lifestyle will make a difference.  Think about it… 3 % of $100 dining experience doesn’t seem like much but with 8 million New Yorkers paying cash the credit card companies will quickly get the picture of what a day without 3% fees feels like.  Hit them where it hurts.  How dare they charge people upwards to 19 -24% interest and say they can’t make enough money.  I think they would get the picture.  BTW wasn’t that called loan sharking when the mafia was in the business of extending credit and it was against the law.

We can make a difference, our voices will be heard, we will not go away.  Power to the People!

OWS, it was a long time coming and even a longer time before it ends.





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