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Rise UP

Rise UP

It was a matter of time before CA rose up and acted out in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.  This was not just a one time planned weekend a few weeks ago.  It is not only continuing but gaining strength.  The Veterans standing strong with thoughts of Oakland’s vet, Scott Olsen,  union workers banning together, teachers… even the police say that they side with the protesters but they have to make sure laws are not broken.   Hmmmmmmm, laws are not broken – that’s what they are here for????!!!!! Then they should be handcuffing and escorting plenty of “suits” from their ivory towers.

There is so much descent that the local news here is also covering the events that are happening across the country.  And I’m glad…  It certainly should have more airtime than Kim Kardashian’s impending divorce.

It’s still a tad disjointed but I give the ralliers an A+ for effort.  And I stand with them….   NY’s Mayor Bloomberg claims OWS as bad for Lower Manhattan businesses.  What business is suffering?  I saw a lot of street vendors selling lunches, water, coffee.  Wall Street is still functioning.  The shops in the area didn’t seem to be suffering as far as I could see last Friday when I went there.  Not sure what he is talking about, but damn it, these hooligans are to blame.  Guess it was their fault the world finances are in the dire straits.  Give me a break Mayor Bloomberg.  I am happy that the numbers of discontent are growing.  It should.  Finally I don’t feel like I’m the only one that feels this way.  I’m not alone.  I am part of the 99%.  And if I were ever part of the 1%, I wouldn’t forget about the other 99.   I believe that the diversity of the protesters legitimizes the cause even more.  It’s not just the “new hippies”, it’s the old hippies too.  And everyone in between.  Occupy Wall Street is viral and global.   And the impending cold weather will not muffle our voices.  I’ve set up a checking account with a local bank with branches only in NJ and NY and will do my online banking and auto debit payments with them.  We’ve grown accoustomed to the modern conveniences and the small banks are coming onboard with them. little by little.

Also in the news , former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine  (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) is making headlines.  shifting money and is under investigation.   Oh my… what happened to the transparency that was supposed to happen when the bailouts were happening.  Does it no longer apply?  I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this… (at least I hope so… if he is doing wrong, he should be punished for it).

Be Fair, Be just and Be lieve we will inherit the earth because we are the 99%.  (I don’t know why but the movie Planet of the Apes comes to mind with the apes now being played by the majority of the people…  )  Strange thoughts are beginning to seep into my brain so I’d better watch some mind-numbing TV.

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt


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