The fine ART of giving… personal gifts

When I first met Jene Youtt, I noticed his photography which embellished his otherwise average     

white walled NYC  apt.   As our relationship progressed I helped him market himself for gallery exhibits.  The first meaningful, personal gift that I received was a beautiful print of bleeding heart flowers.  On the top border he inscribed:  “To Mary,  A woman with lots of heart”.    That clinched it – Here was a man with a smattering of romance, one that was not afraid of his showing his feelings.   I brought the print to work,  Yi’s husband made custom frames so why not give my business to River Mill Art Gallery.  We had the print on the floor and were laying different matts and frame corners around it when another woman wanted to know where I got the print.  Her dear friend recently lost her mother and bleeding hearts was her favorite flower and would be the perfect Christmas gift.  Could she buy an 8 x 10 print of it.  It was a very touching gift and treasured by her friend.

I worked with a man who’s marriage ended in a bitter divorce.  He was heartbroken.  Later, he met a wonderful woman through a church function.  Long story short – they were getting married.   I bought a 13 x 19″ print from Jene as a gift.  Because I had witnessed his pain and renewed joy in life the words of Lee Ann Womack’s ” I hope you dance” resounded in my brain. 

I chose Jene’s image “Blue Dancer” because it conveyed the sheer joy of dance and of life to me.  Again I

brought it to work for a custom frame and sold an 11 x 14″ print to another women who’s friend was getting married to the man she loved after years of dating a man that her parents wished for her.  She bought it because she felt that same sentiment when she saw the print and was so happy that her friend finally found the man of her dreams.

The thank you card that I received boasted of how much they loved the print and that it is hanging over their bed.  How did you know it was my favorite song… Love, Mary & Joe

When you think about it – art is such a personal thing, so subjective.  It speaks to each of us, sometimes it says something different, and we like a piece for varied reasons but there is nothing more touching then a well thought out gift.

When you really know some one, and you think about it, you know what would touch them.  Isn’t that why Hallmark makes so many different cards to say Happy Birthday or I love you.  We want to send our wishes in a very personal way.

Art follows the same emotional path.  It touches us, it can bring us joy in the same way that stirring up good memories does.  So think out of the box.  Take a look at art as a gift from the heart.  It not only says something about the person you are gifting but it also ways a lot about you.  Who you are.

Although flowers are always favorites, abstracts and architectural images seem to interest a number of men.


So browse through our websites,  Order soon and we can custom print, matt and frame your selection in time to ship for the holidays.  Or you can give the gift of a portrait session.  We work out of our Fair Lawn,  NJ and midtown Manhattan studio workspace.

Mary Durante Youtt  or this other site of mine Mary Durante

Jene Youtt Photography

If you are in the Rocky Point, NY area, stop by Gallery Z.  A new gallery in a unique work space (ad agency) will be exhibiting both mine and Jene’s work as part of their debut gallery opening.

Gallery Z

427-1 Route 15A

Rocky Point, NY

I’ll let you know more about Gallery Z as they prepare for the Opening event.  I’m excited!

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt   BTW,  I am legally changing my name and dropping the one I borrowed 40 years ago.


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