Water, water everywhere… bubi bottle

There’s nothing more refreshing or thirst quenching than water.  Our bodies crave it and need it.  But it used to always come out of the tap.


I don’t normally endorse many products but this one is a good one.  It’s called Bubi bottle.

   The reasons I like it – first it’s BPA free, when empty it can be rolled up and stuffed in your pocketbook or it can hang by it’s clip onto a strap and it doesn’t wind up in landfills.  It’s reusable!!!!  New York has the best tasting tap water (IMO) and yet so many people drink bottled water and then toss the empty bottles into the trash. Bubi bottle is a new company and the product is available online.  I know that the second shipment just arrived and that the first shipment sold out within days.  Craig Madaus, the founder/inventor of the product is a friend of mine and I love him dearly but if i didn’t think the product was worth while, I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.

Why would you pay for something that you can get for free.  Mostly because advertisers have been drumming it into our heads for years that we need bottled water.  I know that because I worked for Mathieu, Gerfen & Bresner Agency in 1978 when a little known French Company wanted to hit the US market.  Perrier.  They had a miniscule  adv. budget that grew to $6,000,000 within a few years.  I think that was beginning.  In every movie the stars were seen drinking Perrier, it sponsored the NY marathon, even the empty bottles became vases for fresh flowers on trendy bistro tables.  Great marketing strategies for sure.  But at least that was mineral water and not just from a spring (like our other client Poland Springs).  I’m not saying anything against bottled water, except why pay for something that is free.  Consumers were becoming health conscience and Perrier was chosen over soft drinks. And there is nothing wrong with being healthier.  I prefer water to soft drinks.

Anyway, with the economy still in it’s downward spiral, why would you want to pay for something that wouldn’t otherwise cost you money.  (It’s not like we in the US drink fetid waters, our reservoirs filter our drinking waters and you can filter them further at home if you like).

There is a need for bottled water – don’t get me wrong, I’ve traveled to Mexico, Panama and Cambodia where it is advised not to drink the water.  But now most hotels have viable purified water systems even in third world countries.  Jene and I will be making our way to Hawaii in the next few months and I now have an alternate to the plastic water bottle epidemic (aka landfill clutter).

I’ll roll my Bubi bottle, stuff it into my carry-on and fill it at a water fountain in the airport after I go through security.  Think of the money you can save in just a week if you drink 2 bottles of water a day at $1.50 ea. that’s $21, in a month -nearly $100, in a year it adds up to $2600.  That’s more than enough for a RT ticket to almost anywhere.  I’m sold.  And if that’s not enough to get you to sing the praises of this Bubi bottle, think of the environment.  One Bubi bottle will help eliminate 2 bottles a day in the landfill – that’s 728 bottles a year, times that by the 8 million people just in the 5 boroughs of NYC.  WOW!

According to an article  MSNBC  …….   most bottled water is consumed away from home, usually at a park, in an office or even while driving — areas where there’s usually no recycling.

So not only can you save money but you can help the planet too.

Bubi bottles are for sale on their website only for now.  Bubibottle.com   Such a great holiday gift for the person who has everything…



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3 responses to “Water, water everywhere… bubi bottle

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more and this looks an excellent product. I buy bottled water for my son but then refill and refill the bottle over and over from the house tap. I like the taste of Hartlepool water too. Hadn’t thought about it but somebody suggested to me that it wasn’t good practise for hygiene reasons? Guess you can’t sterilise plastic bottles by boiling but you can wash them out well. I may well invest in this one. Cheers!

    By the way, thanks for subscribing

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