Reflections of NYC during the holidays

My husband and I went to see the movie “The Artist” wonderful little flick, shot in B&W and with little dialogue.  Light, shadows, dramatic music and actors – like in the old days… no violence, explosions death or gore, just a well written script.  We walked home hand in hand taking in the quiet of a Thursday evening, enjoying the beauty of the holiday lights and sites of some spectacular store windows .  Ahhhhhh the famed 5th Avenue haute couture styles and RTW fashions along with the creative genius of the finest window dressers.

To me there is no city as romantic as Manhattan during the holidays.  (Of course if anyone wants to send me airfare to Paris or Venice so I can compare, I will be most grateful 😉  The evening was crisp and twinkled as we strolled, weaving our way through the crowds that had swarmed to “the tree”.   I had thought about bringing my camera out and was sorry it wasn’t in my hands.  But sometimes, one must just experience life without the tight framing through a lens.

As a photographer, with Jene’s G12 strapped across my chest, I retraced our steps the next day and headed out from our midtown – westside apt to Rockefeller Center and up to Columbus Circle.   Jene stayed home shooting some tabletop images of books and cameras that he will put on Amazon or eBay.  Anyone interested can contact me through this blog or check Craig’s list to see his listings.

Here are some of what midtown has to offer in the way of eye-candy.  I love the hustle and bustle atmosphere of walking in NY, feeling like a tourist.


Saks Fifth Avenue windows:


So much glamour, glitz and opulence it’s hard to even imagine that our economy is in the crapper.  The chasm widens – the haves and the have nots.  I shopped a little farther down the street at Forever 21 for my granddaughters.  Sorry kids, no designer labels any more I’m saddened to say -unless of course I hit the lottery 😉



Bergdorf Goodman’s window display was by far the best I’ve seen…  Talk about pulling out all the stops.  WOWIE ZOWIE.



Then there are the have nots… asking for a meager coin or two.  Although I had planned on giving the man with the cat a couple of bucks, he screamed obscenities at me for taking a picture of him and his cat.  The sleeping man didn’t know if I dropped anything in his bag.  In a city of such wealth, it’s hard to see those with virtually nothing on the streets.


After the sun went down, Jene came out with me for a few night time shots of the tree at Rockefeller Center.  A mob scene on Friday night.



Hope you can get out for the show… in the city that never sleeps.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

I’ll be posting more images on my FB page as soon as I can.  It was a wonderful day, spent with my honey.  Can’t wait to drag my daughter and grand daughters around during their holiday break…  Life doesn’t get much better than this.  Having my son-in law home from Kuwait would make it better.



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2 responses to “Reflections of NYC during the holidays

  1. Must be amazing to live in NYC! (and not be on the streets)

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