Pina Bausch / Wim Wender’s film…

If you like modern dance performances, Pina Bausch’s choreography, documentaries or Wim Wender’s films you are going to love “Pina 3-D”  It’s playing at BAM.

Wim Wender, Pina Bausch - Pina 3D

You can see a snippet on uTube  CLICK Here

3 D is not my favorite way to view movies, partly because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and partly because it isn’t always sharp enough for my liking.  But the beauty of this movie took over and I didn’t notice any longer.  You are drawn into the 3D and I found myself surrounded by their movements.   Dance is such a wonderful expression and takes over where words leave off.  Three of my favorite pieces were the opening dance Rite Of SpringCafe Muller  and Vollmond… who am I kidding – I loved them all.  Sensual and captivating are words that pop into my head.  Beautifully performed, filmed, edited – dance in the 3rd dimension.  WOW!

This movie is playing 4 times a day through Monday 1/2

and 3 times Tuesday 1/3 through Thursday 1/5 at the BAM Rose Cinema  $15 general admission but worth the price.

Click on the bold for uTube clips of the performances.  A must see.


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