2012 – a new beginning

People from all over are beginning to wind their way to Times Square, something that my dislike of crowds prevents me from going.  But I will watch it on TV, my tradition.  Hundreds of thousands gather together in crushing fashion to get a glimpse of the momentous event.  People have braved all sorts of weather conditions just for the bragging rights of having been there.  I guess if my granddaughters were older, I would get over myself and experience it with them but I’m hoping that that day won’t come.

I wouldn’t mind being at a Sydney Hotel on the harbor to witness the Aussie way of ringing in the New Year.   Fireworks that rival Macy’s 4th of July spectacular display.   Or Vienna’s for that matter.  No matter how you celebrate,  Happy 2012, hope it’s a healthy, peaceful, prosperous beginning for everyone.


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