Starting the New Year off in the direction of art

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays wrapped up, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  Art wise –

Thursday 1/6  6 -8pm.  Emmanuel Freimin Gallery will showcase Gisueppe Mastromatteo’s “Indepensense” at its  reopening of it’s new, larger Chelsea space.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

547 West 27th Suite,  Suite 508

With our summer project of restoring our 1970 Cougar Xr7 taking up most of our time and then our 4 week trip cross country, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s behind us, we are coming out of our shells and promoting art, ours as well as others.

I need to revamp my website and add some new images,  MaryDuranteYoutt and hubby, Jene Youtt is looking to work on a couple of art projects as well.  One of his projects will require a little assistance from me and I am looking forward to the research part of it.  It will get us out and about in the city.  Of course in between, we interject life: family, friends, a house, a pied-à-terre and travel.

Seeking things to do that bring you in out of the cold is a good thing.  We did manage to get over to BAM for the Pina Bausch / Wim Wenders 3-D Pina film last week, which we both thought was incredible.  Jene’s work in theater lighting over the years helped develop his love of dance and of dancers.  It is so nice not to have to coerce a man into going to performances, as he is linked to many dance company sites and gets info on upcoming works.  His photography allows him to create that elusive moment in time and motion.  His propensity to share with me enabled me to create a few lovely images while on his set, and even when I wasn’t shooting, I was learning from him.  I learned how to steam wrinkles out of flowing silks and delicate crepes and saw how he set the mood with lighting.

There’s is that wonderful ethereal quality that captures the feel of the moment – one that is not stagnant which I love.  Jene’s dance images do the same for me although there is a different feel and quality to our images even when we shoot side by side.  The other difference was that he was shooting with strobes and I was using the modeling lights as my only source.    Sometimes I would catch his flash.  Mine were shot with a Canon Rebel and a 50mm lens.

His images below were shot with Canon 20D and a zoom lens.

Creating the images is half the fun, exhibiting your work is the other half.  Having admirers /collectors purchase them is an extra perk.



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2 responses to “Starting the New Year off in the direction of art

  1. nice to have someone to share things with

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