Back in the saddle again… figure study shoot

It seems like forever since I shot along side Jene in his studio.  It actually might be the first time since we’ve been married or perhaps the second one.  Not that that makes a difference.  I think I got some really good images of James, both clothed and nude.  I’m sure Jene got some great ones too.  (In the beginning of my figure study photography, I would shoot with a NY based group, but they seemed opposed to shooting men nude, that bothered me a little and kind of made me wonder what they were really there for – just to ogle some young, nude females – grant it the bodies were lovely but so is a man’s, and figure study should be of both figures- oh well, to each his own, I guess).

I really need a better camera and am waiting for the Sony NEX-7 to arrive.  I put my name on the notification list at B&H.  It’s not that I want to stray from Canon but this one seems worth the wait.  It’s size makes it a great street camera and Zeiss makes a lens for it that I also want to get.

Back to the shoot.  For me it’s always a learning experience,  I look at how Jene shoots with strobes, something I rarely do since I don’t own any.  Jene was all hooked up with firing 3 strobes, plus a beauty dish for some head shots, while I relied on 2 hot lights with barn doors on dimmers and an overhead modeling light.  If I put the hot lights on full power, it really messed up the lighting for Jene and since this was his session and he was testing his 5D, MarkII for white balance after a few months back and forth at the repair shop, I didn’t want to effect his lighting.  James was looking to build his portfolio and was a trooper throughout all the lighting changes that Jene was making.  (The camera repairs were because of a plunge that Jene took into the Little Pigeon River during our venture in the Smoky Mountains National Park – frying his electronics). Hopefully all is back to normal with camera/lens.

Here are a few of my pics from that shoot – I need to color balance them but I’ll do that to the final cut after James gets a chance to select the images he would like.





James was easy to work with and was comfortable shooting with the two of us.  Playing to both our cameras.  Sometimes that can throw a person off, not knowing where to look – when, but he was at ease and I hope he likes what he gets.  I would like to shoot him with his partner, something that came to mind after he walked out the door.  I’ll ask him.

I love the human form, the way light and shadows fall upon it bringing out the contours of the landscape.  Those subtle nuances that are uniquely our own.

Heard back from James – he LOVES the images.  Yay!  He’s so cute and asked me what is my favorite cake is, Cakes Done Simple  a business he has started.


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  1. well i learned something about mary’s younger days just by listening. polaroids? hummmmmm

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