Trying to get back into the swing of things…

Finding it difficult to get out of vacation mode and back to the daily grind.  Daily grind?  What daily grind?  I’m retired – my work (photography) is what I like to do so can that be called work?  And yet, it seems to be all encompassing and time consuming.  I am painstakenly editing thousands of pictures that I took in Hawaii.  It’s difficult to separate snapshots that I love from images that I want to print for an upcoming exhibit in April, that will run through June.  But that is what I must contend with in the next week or so.  Then comes the printing process. But all that is part of the creative process and must be done.  Since I don’t have a staff of 4 assistants it all falls on me, the artist.  I am not complaining – honestly, just explaining why I’ve been and will be sort of inactive with my blog.  As much as I love sharing info, this too takes time away from what I should be doing.

The curator of the Annex 24 Gallery in Lancaster, PA really liked 2 of my portrait images and so I will probably exhibit those and entitle my exhibit “People, Places and Things”.  I am considering just showing black & whites.  (I have to admit that these 2 images are also top on my list of favorite captures)



I try to bring out an innocence as well as intrigue in my portraits.  There’s a delicate intimacy between the photo and the viewer.  Or maybe it’s me just reading between the lines.  It’s in the eyes.

Seal interrupted

My husband, Jene Youtt, contacted the Gallery and gave the curator my link so I have him to thank for initiating our group show.  His images are so dramatic in color that I am somewhat afraid that my  color shots will pale in comparison.   Not that mine aren’t as compellling, just that I am leaning towards an obvious distinction in our work and I am naturally drawn to the more subtle seduction of light and shadows in my B&W images.  I usually let the photo itself decide if it should be in color or B&W.  IMO some images are enhanced by the emotion of color becoming stronger in their message.  Others draw attention by pulling you in closer as if whispering in your ear, making it more intimate.  But what do I know?  Art is subjective, people like certain images for different reasons.

But before I forget to mention some NY kind of things, there’s the upcoming art fairs starting in March.  So put your walking shoes on and bring your credit cards.

SCOPE NY   March 8-11th  Scope Pavillion  57th & 12th Ave.  Stop by the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery booth B-12 (you won’t be disappointed)

The Armory Show   March 8-11 at Piers 92 & 94 (across from Scope Pavillion)

The Fountain Art Fair   March 9 – 11 at 69th Regiment Armory (68 Lexington Ave & 15th Street

AIPAD  March 29 – April 1st at the Park Avenue Armory

And don’t forget to catch Cindy Sherman at MoMa opening Feb 28 through June 11th

So much to do… isn’t NY great!

Mary Durante Youtt


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  1. yes nyc is great, but then again being here with you makes it all that much greater

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