Focus, Mary – focus

I have to remind myself to do that.  Especially when it comes to entering juried competitions or trying to play the role of artist’s rep for myself.  It takes so much energy for me to organize my thoughts and I do believe that it gets harder with age.  My ADHD tendencies come out to overshadow my intentions.  I start off on the right track and so quickly find myself roaming different paths sometimes going in circles.  How do I quell my monkey mind?   I make a to do list.  Unfortunately, as I’m about to pick up a piece of paper and pen, I spy a misplaced empty coffee cup and head to the kitchen sink.  One the way back, I stop dead in my tracks, knowing I had gotten up for a reason and it wasn’t to put the cup away.  WTF, so then I wipe off the table and decide to throw a load of wash in because the kitchen towel is dirty, head to the bedroom for the laundry basket and remember as I pass the office that I was about to make a to do list.  OK, just let me throw the load into the washer, hearing the mail dropping through the slot, I sort through the junk and bills.  Now I find myself on the computer, paying bills, reading and trashing dozens of emails, when Skype rings and I talk until I realize the wash needs to go into the dryer.  I’m sure by now you get the picture…  oy.  Where was I?  Ah yes, the list!  Top of the list.  Search through image db (which I’ve still not organized) making the search for appropriately themed images is a monumental task.  What did I title the images that I am looking for and which external HDs are they living in.

YAY… I now can check the PhotoPlace Gallery juried competition Abstract Expressions off the to-do list.  The images are in cyberspace on the way to the gallery.  Although it is themed, one never really knows what the juror(s) are looking for so it really is just a crap shoot.  But my chances of being selected are far greater if I enter than if I don’t.  I submitted 3 portrait abstracts and 2 water objects.  Images that I love.

The portraits are part of a triptych, this is just one of them entitled Cathexis (as in libidinal energy).  Sometimes choosing a title can be challenging but sexual energy was the first thing that came to mind.


Hopefully, the juror we find my images interesting enough to select one or more for the exhibit.  Now it’s time to wait and see.  I feel that my images do fulfill the criteria:  “Cameras are terrific tools for telling stories about the world.  But they can also capture abstract designs based on pattern, texture, light, or color.  For this exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery seeks photographs that explore abstraction in the visual world” 

One down, 2347 more to go – Next on the top of “the list”:  a new .com domain name since I have started the legal process of changing from Durante Wehrhahn to Mary Durante-Youtt.




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