earth friendly products

My friend Craig Madaus, created the Bübi Bottle: a scrunchable water (or any beverage) bottle that can be rolled up when not filled.  How convenient, taking up little space in my carry-on luggage.  rolled and clipped I filled it at a water fountain after going through security at the airport saving myself $1.50 for something that used to always be free.  Water, why should you punk down $3.00 a day and add to the landfills when you really don’t have to.

 Craig told me that over a thousand Bübi Bottles have been sold through his website, at Paragon Sport stores and Earth Yoga in NY and I’m very excited for him.

1000 bottles sold in 2 months.  So if each person previously purchased water in a bottle, even at $1 and drank only 2 bottles a day, that’s $90 savings after the initial purchase price but the real savings is that the landfills are minus 120,000 plastic bottles.  WOW – I love going green.  The reason I am estimating that the average person only drinks 2 bottles of water per day is because I am counting water that is being consumed on the go, where the empty plastic bottle goes into a public trash can and not in your home or office recycle bins.

Another one of my favorite earth friendly products is the Scott tubeless toilet paper roll.  Kimberly-Clarke estimates that the U.S. alone disposes of 17 billion cardboard tubes from bathroom tissue, equating to 160 million pounds of waste. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly the weight of 250 Boeing 747s and enough tubes to circle the earth’s equator 40 times.  Read more:

Other friends of ours, Mary Nguyen and Emmanuel Fremin have created and developed ArtStrong Bags to tote artwork to and fro.  A wonderful concept designed to safely carry what is precious to you – ART.

So if each of us did a little something less disposable think of the difference we could make in a year.
On a personal note, I use cloth bags or recycled plastic sacks for groceries and have been known to toss an item or two into my handbag instead of a plastic grocery bag.  It’s the little things in life that can make a world of difference.


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2 responses to “earth friendly products

  1. I concur! Very interesting facts about how much money and less plastic we’d be using with these bubi bottles. Love, Love these eco-friendly products, especially with earth day just around the corner to remind us to be earth conscious every day 😉

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