Getting MY work out there…

I seem to spend more time promoting other people and their art than I do promoting my own work.  But today, I submitted works for 2 juried exhibits.   Somehow Jene heard about the Montclair Art Museum call and downloaded the application for me.

The Montclair Art Museum is accepting submissions for their 3rd Affordable Art Fair and I’m hoping that they like the 3 images I selected.  It’s always a crap shoot because one has no idea what the curator is looking for and so you take your shot and hope for the best.  I chose 1 portrait, one landscape and one architectural image.  Three was required number of works you are able to submit.  I love the ones I chose, but it is difficult to narrow what I like and think someone else might want hanging on their walls.  The object is to sell my art.


     Now I get to sit and wait to hear from them in May.












The other I found a call for artists on Craig’s List – Gallatin Gallery  This exhibit has a theme.  ‘Objects as subjects’, which led me to believe they are looking for still life photos.  I love turning what I consider ordinary objects into extraordinary by way of composition.  We’ll see how this juror feels about the 4 I selected.



I’m not sure when I’ll get word on these submissions.  All I know is if I don’t submit my images, there is little chance that I will be selected.  As the saying goes, you gotta be in it, to win it.

Of course I will let my honey know about it.   We are each others most ardent fans and always set egos aside when it comes to our art.  At times, we’ve exhibited in the same galleries and shows, other times one of us was not selected which is a bummer, but we always support each other which takes the sting out of not being selected.


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