I learn something new everyday…

The other day while I was standing in front of  artstrong’s  display at the Armory show, I found myself in conversation with 2 men about sustainable vs recyclable plastic products.  Artstrong bags being one of them.  These bags are not only convenient and a lot easier than using layers of bubblewrap to protect what is precious to you.  And as a photographer, I am  transporting my framed art to galleries for exhibiting and these artstong bags are keeping rolls of bubblewrap out of the landfills and recycling stations.  When I think about it, the cost is negated by the fact that I am a little greener and am protecting what is precious to me – my art.  Go to their website ArtStrong or to Emmanuel Fremin Gallery at 547 West 27th St, Suite 508, NYC to purchase a bag or two or three.  Tell them Mary & Jene Youtt sent you… (Ok so I’m hoping that I can get a break on the price 😉  Seriously, though, every company appreciates learning where or how you heard about their product and I do believe that word of mouth is some of the best advertising.

  The Bübi bottle is also a relatively new product and although my friend, Craig Madaus came up with the developement of it, I get nothing for endorsing it, other than knowing that maybe, just maybe, I am helping to save the planet, one plastic bottle at a time. To learn more about the product click here.  They can be purchased on line through that link and are available in NYC at Paragon Sport and Earth Yoga.

OKAY, so what did I learn?  I learned that we ship all our plastic recyclables to China to be smelted and then they are returned to the US to become something new.  Of course it would be cost prohibitive in the US to smelt the plastic in a more environmentaly safe way (if there is such a thing).  So we send it to China where their regulations and work conditions have been known to be the pits.  So when we think we are doing good, we really aren’t.  Now people don’t want the weight of glass bottles to lug around when they are on the streets and even if you find a recycle bin to toss it in, you are still doing more harm then good.

You can read more about the issue by clicking this Mindfully.org link.

Remember there is only one earth and what goes around, comes around.  The air isn’t going to get cleaner by itself.  And yes, China is on the other side of the world, but what happens there effects people – EVERYWHERE!


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