Martha Graham, still worth her weight in gold.

Last night, Jene and I spent the evening in the midst of what I call greatness.  Although Martha Graham no longer graces the stage or walks this earth, her presence abounds within her dance company.

Last night’s performance was breathtaking.   We went to the Gala performance at the City Center with special guest stars, Diana Vishneva and Fang-Yi Sheu.  The Graham company is also performing this week at The Joyce Theater.

A peppy opening number from Appalachian Spring – a celebration of love, featuring Miki Orihara and Tadej Brdnik.  Music by Aaron Copland.

© photographer unknown to me

Diana Vishneva, who performs with the Marinsky Ballet and the American Ballet and Abdiel Jacobsen set the stage with Errand into the Maze.   (We had mezzanine seating with  an ariel view of the performances.  A different perspective (than last years better seats), as we were looking down on the movements).

Martha’s inspiration was taken from the Greek myth of Ariadne and the Minotaur.   Click here for uTube clip

Music by Gian Carlo Menotti.

Diversion of Angels was once described by Martha as three aspects of love: adolescent(dancer in yellow), passionate/erotic (dancer in red) and mature love in perfect balance (dancer in white).   Brilliantly performed.

Music by Norman Dello Joio

(White)  Katherine Crockett, Samuel Pott,  (Red)  Blakeley White-McGuire, Tadej Brdinik,  (Yellow)  Xiaochuan Xia, Lloyd Knight.   Dancers:  Jacqueline Bulnes, Mariya Dashkina Maddux, Andrea Murillo, PeiJu Chien-Pott, Oliver Tobin.  Click here for a uTube clip -a solo performance of Katherine Crockett

I think I was totally blown away by Katherine’s strength exuded in the stillness in her poses.

Chronicle was the final piece which was in 3 excerpts,  pertaining to war.

Photo credit: Blakeley White-McGuire in Martha Graham’s Chronicle; photo by Michele Ballantini

Photo credit: Blakeley White-McGuire in Martha Graham’s Chronicle; photo by Michele Ballantini

The first Spectre is the prelude – Lament is the feeling that is evoked.  This was by far my favorite piece.  The drama of the drums and the heaviness of the skirt added to the forlorn feeling that came over me.   Fang-Yi Sheu  was mesmerizing.

In this uTube clip, Katherine Crockett performs Spectre

The 2nd segment Steps in the Street tells the story of devastation and homelessness was performed by Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch  and also features the company dancers.   (Carrie, the principle dancer, was also one of Jene’s dance models).

The final segment Prelude to Action featured Fang-Yi Sheu and Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch and company.

Music by Wallingford Riegger


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