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Somehow, I never got around to posting about Thomas Barbey’s opening reception at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.  Where does the time go?  I did take a few photos and they were living on Jene’s G-12 until now.  Thomas is a showman, always “on”, flashing a bright smile, greeting people and ready to talk about his photography and the process of composing several images into one unique vision or statement.  To read more of Thomas Barbey and his selection process click HERE

  He is no different than most artists.  Yes, we love to talk about our work, where our inspiration comes from and why we do what we do… It’s not because of the money or fame we hope to gain, for me, it’s the connection images make with people.  Plain and simple – artists like to share and going to the artist’s opening reception is the perfect venue.  It gives you a chance to delve into the minds of the creator.


My husband, photographer Jene Youtt and I spend a lot of time going to see what other people do.  What’s out there in the world of art.  I find it inspirational,  it renews my zest to create or capture the world as I see it.  We go to art fairs, galleries, museums and presentations.

Mark your calendar.   NY’s Affordable Art Fair April 18-22nd.  (7 West 34th Street).   There’s a private preview on the 18th and general admission runs the 19th -22nd.  [Free admission Thursday 5pm – 9pm].  There’s 2 days of Kid’s Studio and Activities because it’s never too early to become involved in the arts.   Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will be participating in the fair so be sure to stop by booth F-2 and talk to him about the artists he chooses to represent and their contemporary work.

Affordable art fair is just that – affordable – of course the prices go up with works by well established artists and there are galleries selling the Irving Penn’s, Diane Arbus’s prints to affluent collectors but you will find enough work within your reach to entice you.  Art rarely loses it’s value and enhances the space you live in.   Something to think about.


Anyway…… Jene and I are going through our images, honing in on the ones to  exhibit in Lancaster, PA in May, June and July.  It’s a time consuming, tedious task that holds us captive to our hard drives, DVDs and monitors.  The past 2 days, Jene has been adding images from our trip to Cambodia to his website, and will take into consideration which ones he might add to this upcoming show.  Some of which I don’t remember ever seeing.


The 1st image was from Angkor Wat temple, the 2nd from PS-21 – Phnom Pehn

Both evoke deep feelings in me and I think they would even if I wasn’t there and didn’t know the back story of either photo.  To see more of his work – click on his website:

People have purchased prints from his dance, cloth, architecture, flowers, nudes and other portfolios so it is hard to figure out just what will tickle the fancy of a galleries clientele.

I’ve sold images from my Cambodia: Past and Present Tense, Objects of Interest and Nature’s Beauty – a closer look portfolios.  My nudes and portraits (as well as Jene’s) have been a selling point for our weddings, bump, birth and beyond portrait business.  And it was my nudes that started me on a personal project of “Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer – a scar is just a line drawn across the body” when Carmen solicited me to capture her before and after her double mastecomy.

As I mentioned, the exchange between artist and viewer is key to me.  Perfect strangers who would otherwise pass me on the street, will stop and talk about my art when I am exhibiting.  I love the brief interaction, I glow over their appreciation of the work I do.  I’m enthralled by their stories which are evoked by a particular photo, what they perceive is just as important to me as what I was trying to elicit.

My first thought for this exhibit was that I wanted to show black and white imagery.  But in going through some of my recent photos, I am leaning towards more abstract images where form and color bring out feelings.  Color sets moods.  I haven’t decided on a theme for my exhibit and time is of the essence.  Make a decision, one way or another and stick with it.  (Not always an easy concept for me).


  My Japanese version of a Monet


Too many different subject matters slamming into the sides of my brain…  No matter what I decide, the images will be ones that I really love, because if I don’t love it, how can I expect anyone else to.  It’s not like doing commercial work, where I am paid to follow someone else’s direction, with only my style taken into consideration.   It gives me more freedom to create and show the beauty that surrounds me or comes from within.

What can I say, my art reflects me… all over the place  😉

Feel free to visit my website by clicking on my name:

Mary Durante Youtt


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