This weekend – AIPAD and a special ArtInMotion event

Before we even realized AIPAD (at the Park Avenue Armory – 3/29 – 4/1) was upon us and personal stuff which  had been planned in advance may keep us away.  Jene and I are still trying to figure out how we can squeeze everything in.

But to me, something even more noteworthy is the Artinmotion Show.  Model Monica Watkins’ endeavor is to help children in need and she needs your help to support Diakonos International, Inc.  Jene and I met the lovely and vivacious Monica at an event hosted by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery this past December.  The Art of Beauty Experience raised money for Diakonos and GEMS (girls educational and mentoring services).   I applaud Monica for the time and effort that she puts forth.  This event is tonight through April 1st. –  Brooklyn Fashion Weekend  – 54 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn.  Monica’s mission is to raise funds for their summer project Art Day Celebration to enable underprivieged children to become empowered through the arts.

To me art has always been an emotional release.  As I child, I played arias from various operas that reflected my moods, as a teen, I painted as I felt, sometimes dark to embody my mood or with bright colors to reflect my happiness.  It was the only way (socially acceptable way) of me finding my voice, expressing feelings that I didn’t quite understand yet.  As a adult, I use my photography to tell stories, my body of work entitled Inner Sanctum  reflects on emotions.  We all have them, and I find that people relate to my images.

But this isn’t about me, it is about children, who otherwise may not have an outlet in which to express themselves, it’s a healing process.  So if you are looking to merge fashion with giving back this is the place to be. There a Red Carpet Celebrity VIP reception, Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction and a Runway Fashion Show.  Give it a whirl…



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