Doing what I love…

Photographing babies is something that I absolutely love to do and so I try to capture my youngest grand daughter in her environment.

Lily scoots around on her booty, preferring not to crawl on her hands and knees and at nearly 10 months is walking holding on.  Wearing shoes is something she just started doing.  Friday, my daughter and I went to Bloomingdale’s and we bought her 4 pairs of Stuart Weitzman baby shoes (on sale 40% off plus additional 20% savings on selected shoes with Friends and Family coupon  3 of them were priced at $12 and the 4th was $24).   We couldn’t resist them and Lily grabbed hold of these black sparkles with bows.  In this slideshow video, Lily is at home trying to put the shoe back on her foot.  Click on Lily and her new shoes.



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2 responses to “Doing what I love…

  1. i guess even a 10 month old girl can’t have enough shoes.

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