Affordable Art Fair… aka a zoo last night

Last night Jene and I went to AAF on 35th Street to see all that there was to see.  We made our way to the will call desk, weaving through the throngs of people moving in both directions, to pick up our tickets.  We were directed by the staff to stand on this line that was headed towards the door being told it was the end of the ticket holders line.  Okay, no problem, we would wait in the quque with the rest of the art lovers.  No one was moving, just huddling in clusters, trying to keep out of the way of the people who were trying to buy/get their tickets.  About 15 minutes into our waiting, we were told by the staff, that this is not a line.  That we would have to disperse, so we responded that we were told it was indeed a line.  Well not anymore.  We milled about trying to get information and then headed out the revolving doors to speak to a women there that said that AAF was filled to capacity and that the fire code laws dictated that no one else could enter the building.  (Understandable) but when she said we would have to wait a minute, Jene got really annoyed.  A minute!  I think it would be a longer wait than that.  It was pure chaos.  No one seemed to know how to handle the onset of the crowd and everyone on the staff was giving opposing directions to the people.  Still not knowing where we should be standing, we were being jostled by people trying to get in to get tickets and those coming out – so we left.

A minute!  Those who had already been admitted upstairs would not be leaving in a minute.  A more realistic estimate would have been at the very least a half hour.  This was the VIP event, with tickets selling for $65.  I can only hope that the AAF staff has learned a little bit about crowd management and are a little more organized for tonight when the entrance fee is free after 6:00.

We would have attempted to go today in the afternoon, but I have prior commitments and I think Jene is going to be working on his printer and getting ready for an exhibit that we will be in in May.  Perhaps by Friday, our feathers will be unruffled and if time allows we will have a second go at it.

I’m sure for those who made it inside that it was worth the effort, the works that are displayed from what we’ve researched are.  As artists, we support the arts and this is a fair where the prices are within reach of it’s clientele.  And I wish our friends at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery much success as he has very fine works on exhibit including the two busts by Ted Lawson as you enter the lobby.  Stop by booth F-2 to see some works by Antoine Verglas, Draw Tal, Thomas Barbey, Francoise Ben Arous, Guiseppe Mastromatteo and Ted Lawson

Halle Berry © Antoine Verglas

Gotta run, but I hope you get a chance to go.  I’m sure that once you gain entrance to the event, the world of art will unfold in front of your very eyes.


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One response to “Affordable Art Fair… aka a zoo last night

  1. I made the poor choice of bringing my boys along. They were real troopers sitting through 2 hours of traffic and then waiting quietly while we waited for dinner and then my little one was willing to go with me to look at my art in the UGallery booth. We spent a grand total of about ten minutes. I will attempt to brave the crowds again on Friday solo. I would love to have some time to really look around! Maybe I’ll see you there Mary!

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