Getting ready for a gallery exhibition

Delivering our art prints to Annex 24 Gallery in Lancaster, PA on Friday.  Jene and I had been spending days trying to figure out what we will be exhibiting there in May, June and July.  This is where being a gemini bites me in the arse.  The rule of thumb is to show your best work, what you love but then there’s the flipside – trying to figure out what the gallery’s clientele might be interested in buying.  This is always the unknown element.  I can’t figure it out and I’m not sure anyone else can either because art is so subjective.  So I am looking to exhibit an array of images.  Some portraits, scenes, objects of interest and I’m am driving myself crazy.  The curator really like 2 portraits on my website so I am including those.  That’s a given… the rest who knows but I finally put it to bed.

Time is spent in physical prepping too.  Touching up frames scratched in transit from one exhibit to the next, now this is where having  bags is important and makes so much sense.  Yes, Protect what is precious without the hassle of rolls of bubble wrap.  Check them out – click here.  We are both bringing more art then will fit in the space devoted to us.  Annex 24 Gallery will store the other framed prints in their warehouse and will rotate our photography each month.  We are exhibiting May through July.

So if you want a weekend getaway that is world’s away and yet just 3 hours drive come to the Lancaster First Friday, May 4th.  Meeting artists and mingling with art lovers is a wonderful way to while away the hours.  And you can pick up some very collectable pieces of art at reasonable prices.

Annex 24 Gallery

24 West Walnut Street

Lancaster, PA 17610

  • The privately owned and operated Annex 24 Gallery is referred to and searched out for its fresh approach for hip, high style accessible art. As always, we’re proud to serve refreshingly creative presentations and bold gallery exhibits – just for your muse.
  • The gallery is hosted and curated jointly by three of Lancaster’s noteworthy artists; Vanessa Reisig, Kenny Kidd & Brian P. Arcane.  The art gallery combines photography, sculptures and paintings into a exploration of artistic expression.  The gallery also boasts a ‘Wowzer Room’ reserved for premier artists’ monthly installations and of course select Home-Grown Lancaster artist exhibits.

Now I can settle back and relax because our boxes are packed and ready to go.  Postcards have been printed and price lists are done.

Triptych: Retrograde, Shedding, Cathexsis

I am looking forward to a weekend getaway with my hubby, Jene Youtt and hope to spend a day walking/driving around and shooting.  As photographers we, really try to make the most out of every opportunity in a new environment to take it all in.

An open invitation to my RR Donnelley, Lancaster business associates, please stop by, would love to see you again.

Mary Durante (Wehrhahn) Youtt


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  1. you mean i should wrap, you in bubble wrap? you’re so kinky sometimes.

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