The art of town & country living…

 is located at 24 West Walnut Street, (just a short walk away from Gallery Row in Lancaster, PA),  an eclectic array of artists and art,  from hand carved wooden bowls to collage prints of celebrities.  Interesting works of mostly local artists.

    The May art walk was weekend long attracting locals and tourist alike.  The big draws to the area seems to be the outlet malls that stretch along highway 30 and the Amish.

In the past, I would travel to Lancaster for business but never really got to stroll around the city.  Lancaster’s downtown is full of trendy shops, cafes, antiques, boutiques and art galleries in some great architectural federal buildings and brownstones.  Jene and I spent an hour or so at Annex 24 Gallery on Friday evening and then walked in and out of other galleries.  It was First Friday with plenty of things to entertain the little ones too.  Balloon animals, face/arm paintings and just some old fashioned water fun had the kids squealing.   We had a late dinner at Bob Evans on Route 30 (a national chain – with chicken fried steak and down home foods like that).  For $10 I got a house salad, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and white gravy and a desert.  Okay, not the healthiest food in the world, but sometimes comfort food is what you desire and Jene’s favorite road stop type of place.

Saturday, we toured an Amish Farm and learned about just how modern the Amish have become over the years.  Yes, the outer garments are the same, but now the men often purchase their shirts from regular stores and both male/female undergarments are store bought as are shoes/sneakers/boots and flip-flops.   They do use power appliances and tools, run by gas or air – gas refrigerators, air powered cake mixers, even gas lights and heaters.  The mode of transportation is still horse drawn buggies, they are not allowed to own or drive cars but can be driven by an “english” for greater distances.  They even have telephones but in an “out” house for emergencies and business needs only.   The elders decided to allow gas but not electricity for fear that electricity will bring them too close to the other world.  I found it all very interesting.  Children are schooled amongst themselves up until the 8th grade.  Trades are learned through apprenticeships.  Once they reach the age of 18, they choose to stay or go.  With a rate of only 10% that leave the Amish lifestyle behind. the community will double in 20 years.   If at 18, they choose to leave, they are basically on their own but not ostracized from the community unless they leave after choosing to stay.

corner of old Amish stove


Mr. Ed (not kidding, that’s what the sign said) © Mary Durante Youtt

Boys following behind on push scooters (not bikes)
© Mary Durante Youtt

We drove around  taking pictures of the Amish and the country side.

Riding in the lap of luxury
© Mary Durante Youtt

spotting the paparazzi
© Mary Durante Youtt

tending the fields
© Mary Durante Youtt

Checking out the life of the Amish before heading back to the gallery and downtown Lancaster.  Later we popped into The Pour to cool off, get off our feet and sip a glass of wine before deciding on where to go for dinner…  The Lancaster Dispensing Co.   I had a house salad and delicious entry – grilled chicken with slices apples in a light apple cider cream sauce.  Jene chose sirlon tips, mac & cheese and broccoli.  No room for dessert.

© Mary Durante Youtt

cow came closer to check me out

curbside field of flowers
© Mary Durante Youtt

RedRoof Inn stairwell
© Mary Durante Youtt

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn on Highway 30, a hop skip and a jump from town and the outlets.  Decent price for a two night’s stay with only one glitch… at @ 10:00pm Friday evening, someone tried to get into our room with a swipe key card.  Luckily I had double bolted the door, the night clerk misread the monitor and gave our room to the people.  The couple apologized profusely for the error and went downstairs.  You would have thought the clerk would have called us to apologize for the scare.  Jene called the front desk to make sure their swipe key code misgiven was deleted.  Of course that meant that the next day, our swipe key cards did not gain us access to our room either.  (Yes a letter will go out to Red Roof Inn about this issue).  Other than that, it was a lovely weekend away.

Mary Durante Youtt  & wonderful hubby, Jene Youtt

(I say wonderful because he shared his gallery space with me for the month of May.  June and July I he will share some space but I will have a section of my own.  Thanks honey 😉



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  1. Great post. For some reason i am most attracted to the photos of the cows.

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