When your husband is your client – giving you total creative license (with no direction known), until…

after I finish creating his last minute promo piece.  I love my husband, photographer Jene Youtt but… he makes me crazy when I design promotional pieces for him.  The scene goes a little something like this: 

  • Jene:  I need an artist statement folded piece like the one you did for….
  • Me:  What images would you like on the front panel? 
  • Jene: You know – maybe the blue dance, orange dancer and ballet slippers.
  • Me:  OK, I have all those images, but need your artist statement.
  • Jene:  Here ya go, you are much better at designing than I am. 
  • Me:  Yes, I know.

Like any client, they have their own ideas (and rightfully so), I just wish they were voiced before I spent time and effort in the creating phase.  Off to work he goes (yes on Mother’s Day), and I go about designing a 2 sided, 1 fold promotional piece that he will either print up himself or I will for the “Artist in the Kitchen”  Studio and Art Walk next weekend.  A self guided walking tour of Hell’s Kitchen Artists.

Some of his work will be exhibiting at a new neighborhood coffee joint call Kahve on Ninth Avenue between 51st and 52nd Street.  So if you are walking around midtown Manhattan next weekend (May 18-20th) please pop in.  Grab a cup of java and take a look around.  Kahve has gotten a number of good reviews on YELP*  And it’s nice to know that after the Coffee Pot closed down, the neighborhood once again has a gathering place other than Starbucks.  (One with very good coffee).

So this is what I’ve come up with and I’ll post the revised version after he gets his hands on it and makes his mark.

It is in a printers spread so the Front cover of the folded piece is on the right and the back is on the left  and the inside is just a regular spread.

Now that he has something to go on, he will switch out images I’m sure…  Not a big problem – simple to do really but once, just once, I’d like to have the info up front.  (I had worked in print production all of my adult life and have sat in meetings where clients wanted an estimate, but couldn’t tell me how many pages they wanted printed, the size or the quantity of the print run – duh or even when they needed it by –  They’ll make that decision after I give them the estimate, guess they never had work done before because those are key elements necessary for obtaining an estimate).

Anyway,  he is a wonderful photographer, shares his studio space and sometimes his models with me,  gives me lighting directions and he is also the biggest admirer of my photography so I help him however I can.  Love ya honey!

Mary Durante Youtt




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2 responses to “When your husband is your client – giving you total creative license (with no direction known), until…

  1. thank you honey, guess i am a bad client, oh well

  2. I didn’t say anything about bad…

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