Back to the drawing board… revision comments


Design dilemma and solution. Make it a one sided, 3 fold piece.  Eliminate the Ballet slippers, War and Metamorphis images.

Jene’s school of thought is to make the images as large as possible so in keeping with that, it certainly was a challenge to fit all but 3 images and text into a one sided piece. I had to make it an 11 x 8.5 horizontal “Z” fold piece  I quickly went to work – back to square one.  A complete redesign was in order.  I hope my solution fits his desires.  There were a lot of elements to incorporate into a small amount of space.  Like most of the things I do, I never had formal training, just something I taught myself and having worked in advertising all my life in print production, I learned a lot just by being in contact with the whole creative process.  Having an good eye for design – form and function is a plus.

If he approves the layout.  I will go back, tweak it and give him a print ready piece.  Time is of the essence.  I know he worked yesterday til 10 or 11pm.  I’m not sure what time he has to be in today or how long his work day will be.  The Fox Affiliate event happens at The Beacon Theater today.




I like designing our promotional pieces.  I like the challenge and satisfaction of the whole process.  I think that’s the “control freak” in me.  Concept through final production… much like the photography process, although I wish I didn’t have to be the one to market myself.  That’s a full time job and I’d rather be creating.

Mary Durante Youtt


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