Rainy days and Mondays –

A lot of people hate Mondays and rainy Mondays can be the pits (these are usually working people and I used to be counted among them until I decided to retire early and pursue my creative dreams).    So I went for a walk in the park, yes in the rain  drizzle.  The second week after I retired in 2007, Jene and I met a colleague for lunch in Montclair, NJ and afterward Jene and I went to Presby Memorial Iris Garden.   A bright sunny May Day when the irises were in bloom, perfect for testing out my then new camera.  I’d been meaning to venture out on a yearly basis -five years later, I managed to get myself back there.  The thought of missing another year, weighed heavy on my mind especially since stopping on the side of a road in PA to shoot some irises.  I had thought about going on Mother’s Day since I spent the afternoon in solitude.  It would have been the perfect day, but the mere thought of the crowds kept me away.  The drizzle kept all but a few die-hard photographers and naturalists away, which made for a more enjoyable hour of clicking the shutter.

I must admit, I was debating whether I wanted to be kneeling in wet grass and the muddy paths but after testing the overcast light on my backyard roses, I though what the heck.

Somehow I want to start singing… these are a few of my favorite things.  I love taking the time to really look and smell the roses and other flowers.  Nature’s Beauty:  A Closer Look.

Next step:  large size prints, matting, framing and hopefully selling.  A gift of flowers that will last a lifetime.

Mary Durante Youtt



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  1. it’s kneeling down in soft earth that connects you to the roots

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