Fashion centers: 5th Avenue where fashion comes alive

The backstory:  When I was a kid, my mother used to take us window shopping.  We would peruse the stores from the outside looking in.  The stores put their finest, trendiest apparel behind the glass in order to entice you into their establishments.   Offerings of sorts.

I still love window shopping, and it’s easier on my wallet if I stay where I am.  On the outside.  But did you ever wonder what it would be like from the mannequins perspective?  To see the world passing you by and not being able to take part in the hubbub of a bustling city…

There is something alluring about this thought and I decided to give the girls a break – if only in the ‘virtual’ world of Manhattan.

I started taking photos of some of NY’s upscale fashion windows this past Christmas.  Bergdoff’s, Saks’s, Prada etc.  The window designers are fabulous. I’m not a fashion photographer but I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a mannequin so that I could take her out on the town (someday may even invest the time and effort into doing so).  But until then, I found a way to get the girls  out of their glass cages.  Reflections.

The reflected buildings seem to make the mannequins come alive as they become a part of the street scene.

Winter windows:

Spring reflections:




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2 responses to “Fashion centers: 5th Avenue where fashion comes alive

  1. when i first came to newark nj channel two had a late and early show showing movies where i first saw One Touch of Venus which i fell in love with. the subject is about a store mannequin coming to life. it was written by Thomas Anstey Guthrie who wrote a series of simular books which i devoured. i love this series of yours.

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