Memorial Day weekend – the great escape…

or not.  I tend to not want to spend hours idling in traffic and some of you may think that planning an early get away may be the answer.  But if you are not fleeing the big apple tonight, there’s a terrific ‘stayscape’ happening.

  A body of work from Korean born photographer Young Sam Kim.  Kim will have his first solo exhibit at The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.  Tonight is the opening artist reception from 6 – 8pm.  These surrealistic photo collages envision the human spirit as longing to be free.  And isn’t that something we all are looking for.  Freedom of the heart, mind and soul.  So if you are not headed out to The Island or Jersey Shore, the exhibit might be just what you are looking for – an escape from your realities into the mind of an artist.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

547 West 27th Street  Suite 508

NYC  – in the heart of Chelsea’s art district

(betw. 10th & 11th Avenues)

Jene and I will be among the art “in” crowd.  As artists/photographers, we both find another artist’s work to be inspirational.  It reminds us of why we love doing what we do – creating.

Hope to see you there.

Mary Durante Youtt    & Jene Youtt



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