Young Sam Kim exhibit at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

By now, all my followers know that Jene and I are gallery goers.  As photographers who exhibit in various galleries, we know what it is like to be at galleries openings.  You have so many mixed feelings, pride in having your passion hanging on the walls, a tad nervous about how it will be received and hope that a few pieces will be purchased.   If Young Sam Kim had any worries, they soon were set aside.    One of Jene’s favorite collages sold before the gallery closed for the night.

Some say it is God that gives you the strength to bear your cross in life, but I believe it is part of the human condition that catapults you to overcome your obstacles.  The spirit within.  This is evident in Kim’s work, A World in the City.  His pieces convey the world as seen from the outside, looking in.   A juxtaposition of isolation and the longing for freedom is symbolized in his surreal images.  Many city dwellers have isolated themselves from the world around them.  We have become conditioned to work in cubicles, separated by grey walls from our co-workers and surroundings, but when we exit our concrete towering buildings we can glimpse up at the sky, perchance to dream.

© Young Sam Kim

© Young Sam Kim

© Young Sam Kim

Quoted from Young Sam Kim’s website:

“City incarcerates the people. People work, imprisoned in the forests of buildings. There are endless struggles in it. Also, never-ending pains…. Maybe city people are living cookie-cutter lives. Maybe they are not satisfied with their lives incarcerated in the towering buildings.
Imprisoned people walks out of the buildings into the streets. They seems to be in deep thoughts. Or maybe in the world of imagination. They walk, ruminating memories and dreams. There is a tree. The tree with bare branches seems like blood vessels that travel all around my bodies. They come from the heart and go all the way up to the sky with those bare branches. There is an airplane in the sky. It flys farther and farther, carrying all the memories and dreams. There blossoms dreams and longings for the farthest lands in the hearts that fly. When you open the door of your heart, you see the light. You see the new World.
There is a new World in me, though I do not see it nor experience it. When I , the imprisoned, came out of the building into the street, my heart is opened and I see the sky and start to dream. When my heart is open, I almost see the creator of all the creation, though he is not visible. I can see another World with his eyes.
Though I am incarcerated in the forest of buildings, the trees, the Sky and the airplanes reminds me all the memories and dreams. They tell me not to be imprisoned in this world, but to look at the World beyond the sky with the big dreams.”

I enjoyed meeting and talking with Young, gaining insight into his art and witnessing his ability to create what he envisions through the adept digital manipulations of his photography.   His perspective on his life and the lives of the people around him.  If you missed the opportunity last night, his work will be exhibited at The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery through June 26th.

547 West 27th Street,  Suite 508


© Young Sam Kim (SOLD opening night)

Click here for Young Sam Kim’s website link.

Congratulations to Young Sam Kim and his new bride.  Wishing them many years of happiness.  They have been friends since she was 7 years old.  Being married to artist is not always easy.  You place second to their creativity, but their zest for life and love makes up for art being their first passion.

Mary Durante Youtt   (


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