Sex cells…

The lure – hook, line and sinker.  Everyone knows that if you put a scantily clad woman in front of a car in an ad that the fantasy begins in the minds of both men and women.  Men envision it as a chick magnet (the sleek, racy car becomes an extension of their penises) and women envision themselves as the sultress when they get behind the wheel.  It’s a ploy – one that works.   Will I ever look like the Victoria Secret model when I don that bra or panties (unfortunately no), but the point is not lost on me.  I can feel just as sexy in that lacey get-up as she looks and that’s all that matters.  The seed was planted.

Sexuality has been the object of artists since the beginning of time.  It can be blatant or implied, either way it stirs desires or at the very least piques interest.  We gaze upon the subject and various thoughts pop into our heads.

We all fantasize and this upcoming exhibit at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will titillate the imagination.   So unleash your inhibitions, appreciate the beauty of the human form.  Meet some the artists and find out what their thoughts behind their photography is.  I like hearing about what motivated their creative process and seeing the finished product.   A little insight!

© Reka Nyari

“Reka Nyari’s jarring compositions juxtapose lust and disgust by pairing a beautiful model with animal carcasses. Her stark compositions present the objectified body as a target for consumption and challenge the viewer’s ability to hold two opposing emotions simultaneously.
Using herself as the model, Brooklyn artist Erica Simone poses nude in public while unabashedly going about her daily routines. Simone wittily challenges the nature of the nude in art, examining the line between the mundane and the sexualized. The context tells us to interpret her as the subject of the photographs rather than the object of a sexual fantasy.”

© Erica Simone

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery on Thursday, June 28th 6-8pm for the opening reception and come to your own conclusions and see the other 8 artists in this group exhibit, curated by Asli Unal

“Sex Cells” at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery 6 – 8 pm



Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

547 West 27th Street   Suite 508


Hope to see you there.

Mary Durante Youtt


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