What’s wrong with me (or what the heck was I thinking)?

You are probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with photography or the metro art scene.  The whole point of our trip is to photograph icebergs, whales, wildlife and nature.

Is it that I have the wrong image of what a luxury cruise voyage is like (thoughts of The Titanic swirl through my brain).

image from movie The Titanic

image from movie The Titanic

Or is it that I’m a gemini and mercury is in retrograde?  I/we are about to embark on our next vacation, another Mary and Jene great adventure with friend Pat thrown into the mix.  An Alaskan cruise…  I should be concentrating on tying up loose ends which is probably why I am all over the place.  Shopping for cruise wear, hiking stuff, thinking of what to bring and what not to.  Trying to stuff all sorts of clothes into 1 suitcase so that the other can be for camera equipment and laptop.  Dress in layers is the advice that I keep hearing on what to wear in Alaska this time of year, the temperature seems to hover in the mid 60’s but I’m thinking if it’s sunny  – shorts and t-shirts may be in order.  But the biggest issue is we are on a Holland America cruise for 7 days and then on land for 11.  Holland America sets a dress code for dining, 2 formal evenings and 5 “smart casual” dress.  Slacks and collared shirts for the gentlemen, slacks/skirts/dresses for for dames.  For the formal nights, I know some people go all out and dress to the hilt, tuxes for the men and some women will be  beaded and bedazzled from head to toe.  Jene will wear a suit and I’m not even sure if it is a dark colored one.  At first,  I thought that I would wear the same one shoulder black knee length dress both nights but Pat said that she is also bringing a floor length get-up.  I am starting to get all sorts of frazzled because of this, with second thoughts as to WTF was I thinking.  We are not “cruise people, at least Jene and I aren’t.  We rarely dress up – the only weddings we’ve been to lately are clients that we photographed and our own and that was pretty informal.  Oh lordie, lordie, lordie – what have I gotten us in to?

Jene and I are used to traveling on a shoe string, casual attire and maybe one casual dress outfit incase we want to go to a fine restaurant.  Cruise wear is so foreign to us.  Talk about being out of your comfort zone.  I thought I had gotten beyond my mild trepidations about being stuck on a ship with 2,ooo other passengers (Jene and I don’t even stay in anything more than a 2 or 3 story motel with 100 rooms) but now I am being plagued by what to wear!   We are jeans/shorts/tees kind of travelers.   You will not find any haute couture in our closets.  (Not to say that in my younger years my closet wasn’t stuffed with designer labels, because I was very much part of the NYC club scene: Studio 54, CBGBs, the MudClub, the Underground, rubbing elbows with celebrities).  Been there, done that.  And I do have plenty of little black dresses that can be dressed up with jewelry to get me through and even a couple of floor length gowns and skirts but that’s not what I want to fill my suitcase up with.   This is some peoples’ idea of a grand vacation.  A chance to show off as if it was New York’s fashion week.  Show stopper outfits, probably newly bought,  just for this occasion.

Oh well,  guess it’s too late now to rethink this whole trip, maybe I just need to buy a bigger suitcase to fit the different apparel requirements for sea and land.  Or I wonder if I can get away with hiking boots under a long flowing red chiffon skirt.

Ahhhhh won’t I be the belle of the ball  😉  definitely a Glamour don’t.


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