I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…

but it almost feels like I have.  I’ve been out of touch with the NY art scene, living in my own small world of family, friends, fun and travel.  But I’m back now and although have not gotten into the full swing of things, I will, (I’m pretty sure).

Alaska – an amazing wilderness,  so much still left untouched by man.  My only wish was for a little more sunshine and time to explore closer than we were able to.  The highlights of the trip were: Waking our first morning of the cruise, lying in bed and seeing a dolphin swimming outside our cabin window,kayaking in the calm inlets of Ketchikan seeing bald eagles nesting on Eagle Island,  cruising in Glacial Bay, listening to and seeing the ice chucks calve into the waters, seeing a pod of humpback whales bubble feeding in Juneau, flight through the mountains, catching a bird’s eye view of Denali (Mt. McKinley), spotting Orcas in Prince William Sound.   Sharing these experiences with Jene.   I did post blog entries on my travel site Flights of Fancy along with some snapshots.  It will take me a month of sundays to edit through all the images and probably another to print a cohesive book of memories.

Of course the art world sort of disappears during the month of August, following the trends of the Europeans.  The beginning of September kicks off all the gallery openings and we missed a fave of ours – Emmanuel Fremin Gallery  – 547 West 27th St.  Suite 508, NYC.  Emmanuel reminded me that although we missed the opening, it’s not too late to view Do Byung Kyu’s exhibit which runs through the November 3rd.  Eerie and surreal photos reminding me of my childhood and how my brother used to play with my dolls.  They would be hurled through the air instead of water as Kyu’s visions but feelings they evoked are similar.

Some upcoming events worth marking on your calendars:

I often refer to Art Slant to find out about openings that are of interest to me.  Just click on their name will link you to their site.

Fall for Dance Festival starting Sept. 27 – October 13  – this is the 9th annual program and runs for 12 nightly performances.  You can buy tickets online.  All tickets are $15.  Where else can you get such a bargain.  NY City Center.  The first 4 night’s performances are already sold out.

September 19th  6:30pm  New York Photo Salon presents the work of photographers at SoHo Photo Gallery  15 White Street, NYC  admission is $10

October 4th  Affordable Art Fair at The Tunnel  28th St and 11th Avenue, NYC.  Be sure to stop by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery’s booth.  Last year’s private party opening night was a zoo.  Although Jene and I were on the guest list and had tickets in our hands, the crowded lobby spilled onto the street and the event planners were not good with crowd control.  One person told us we were queued up in the right line to gain entrance and another told us we had to go outside where it was total mayhem.  I understood that fire codes would only allow a certain number of people in at a time but we were also told that it would be a few minutes before they would allow more people in.  I’m sorry,  but having gone to these types of events before, I was well aware that most people don’t just go in and then leave, they peruse the booths, sip on wine and eat tidbits of food being passed around, talk with gallery owners and that takes more than a few minutes.  So Jene and I left.

Oct 24-27th  PhotoPlus Expo trade show at the Jacob Javits Center. Explore new products, demos, attend seminars, network, and wear comfortable shoes.

Anyway, NYC offers a world of art and culture.  Don’t miss out, art is such a big part of the human factor.
Get out there and embrace it.




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