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As far as I am concerned it is art in any form that makes us human.  Music can soothe the savage breast according to William Congreve.  Visual art has been around since man learned to stand upright.  First as a form of communication (story telling), then for decorative purposes.  It brings beauty into light.  It can move you emotionally or just be pleasing to the eye.  But it is a form of expression, a connection between the artist and the viewer.   And owning an original or limited edition print also tells a lot about you, about your appreciation of the arts and your support of the artist.  Being a collector of art was something only the elite considered.  But there were always bargains to be had…  a young and hungry Picasso paid rents or restaurant tabs with some of his early works that are now worth a pretty penny.  But how do you know who will be the next Picasso or Dali or whoever.  The fine art galleries are the place to look.  Yes, some only carry photos by Arbus or Avedon, or Stieglitz but many galleries select works from lesser known artists.  Artists that they believe in and promote.   One such place is the Affordable Art Fair which opens tomorrow with a preview party at The Tunnel  608 West 28th Street, NYC.  Afraid of not knowing what art to buy, they have a guide on how to buy art. 

The 4 day event starts tomorrow evening, with over 60 galleries participating and be sure to stop by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery at booth B- 22.  Emmanuel is a friend of ours with discerning taste in art, showcasing the works of Do Byung Kyu, Young Sam Kim, Steve Schlackman and Valerie Nagant.

Opening times

Thursday, Oct 4
Private Preview Party 6pm – 9pm
Friday, Oct 5 12pm – 8pm
Free Admission Hours 5pm – 8pm
Saturday, Oct 6 11am – 8pm
Sunday, Oct 7 11am – 6pm


General Admission $12/day
Students/Seniors   $10/day
(At the door only valid with ID)
Children Under 12 Free
Private Preview Party
Advance  $65 per person / $125 for two
Door  $75 per person
* Ticket price includes New York State Tax

A rule of thumb is also to buy what you like – for the sole purpose of your enjoyment.  I get a lot of enjoyment from the things I surround myself with.  OK, as an artist some of the work is my own but they hang on my walls because I love the pieces.

Our bedroom is my sanctuary as it is for most people.  (their own BRs, not mine)  It is my haven, with it’s comfy mattress, fluffy down comforter and pillows, a place that welcomes me after a day of shooting, editing or inputting data.  I chose the self portrait triptych because I felt it was so suitable for our bedroom.  It is subtle but sensual.  Compiling various emotions that I go through daily.  I love it, because it moves me.  (Ok and the colors do go nicely with my wall color and decor.

A woman who bought one of my floral prints at an exhibit, told me she doesn’t know where she will hang it but she loved the colors so much.  I suggested hang it in your bathroom, that’s where I have some of my flower images from our trip to Panama.  She later emailed me and said it was the perfect room for it and she gets loads of compliments from her friends.

Of course some of my larger prints sells for $300 – 500 but the smaller 8 x 10″ prints go for a lot less.

The bleeding hearts photo is one that Jene gave to me the first year of our relationship, the other two flowers were taken with my then new Canon EOS Rebel.

When we travel, we like to buy art from local artists.  I really think it is important to support the arts and the artists.  And who knows maybe someday, they will be worth more than the asking price but to me, they are worth thousands in memories.

So surround yourself with art.  It’s beautifies your home, is a conversation starter and is affordable.  So give a gift of art, after all the holidays will be here before you blink your eyes.

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