The Fall

I am not a movie critic by any means and rarely impressed by the onslaught of cookie cutter formula movies that come out of Hollywood that seem to win accolades and tons of awards. Every now and again, there comes a movie that blows me away…  The Fall, (2008 US release).  Jene and I sat mesmerized last night and my only disappointment came in the fact that my TV is a tiny (by today’s standards) 27″.    Without giving the whole story line away (because I highly recommend that you rent it), this by far had all the makings of an Oscar, Cannes, award winner…   Trailer.

An adventure fantasy directed by Tarsem Singh, starring Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, Justine Waddell, was based on a screenplay of the 1981 Bulgarian film Yo ho Ho (Valeri Petrov).

In an era of silent films, LA 1920’s, Roy (Lee Pace) is a Hollywood stuntman who is paralyized from a fall.  In the hospital, he meets Alexandria, (Catinca Untaru), a young Romanian born girl who had fallen while picking oranges in a orchard and broke her arm.  Roy spins a story, an epoch tale (This is where I felt a likeness to 1987 movie The Princess Bride), about 5 heros and a villain incorporating Alexandria’s family and people she likes in the hospital in order to have her steal morphine for his suicide.    . It was beautifully written, filmed and edited.

What amazes me the most is that I don’t ever recall seeing it in the movie listings but 2007 was 5 years ago and I can barely remember what I did last week.  The movie critics gave mixed reviews.  Nathan Lee of The New York Times, however, wrote that the film “is a genuine labor of love — and a real bore.  Sean Axmaker of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer named it the 6th best film of 2008, and Roger Ebert of Chicago Sun-Times named it among his top 20 films of 2008.  But this is another reason that I don’t follow the leader and I chose to decide for myself whether I think a film is great or not.

Story telling at it’s best.  I put it up there with one of my all time favorites “Out of Africa”.  In a number of ways I am comparing apples to oranges but it is the fine art of spinning a yarn.  The cinematography is brilliant, and spans the globe (The film was shot in over 20 countries and that in itself is reason to watch it again and again).  I was spellbound and could not leave my seat until the last of the credits ran.


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  1. Tarsem is a PHENOMENAL director, in my opinion. The Fall was a beautiful movie. I have yet to see a movie of his that I did not like.

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