Culture overload… museum hopping in 3 days and a dance performance tonight

I love art as much as the next person and NY certainly has plenty to see and do as far as being a cultural center of the world.  Like a tourist who only has a limited time in the big apple, you try to squeeze everything in.  That pretty much has been our week.

Monday and WednesdayMoMA.  Jene was interested in seeing the Quay Brothers exhibit and heeded the advice of a fellow photographer, we spent 2 days walking through their exhibit.  With so many videos to watch, we sat in many make shift “theaters” viewing their first animation films, commercials, and my all time favorite dance series.    We try not to whiz through as if on conveyor belts, stopping to read the excerpts of each work.  The Quay brothers work reminds me of Tim Burton’s exhibit in some ways.  The raw technique of the first works giving way to more funding and equipment to enter into more finished almost refined fantasy realm.    The Polish graphic design element certainly influenced the brothers and was evident in this retrospective.

It’s so nice when twins can play well together – collaborate their minds and efforts over a sustained period of time.  Mixing so many mediums together and exposing the different facades of their imaginations.  I guess this is what happens when you don’t put restraints on your creativity.   I wish I knew how to free myself like that (other than tripping on hallucinogenic drugs).  How to start with one idea and build upon it until it spills into another.  Creating and overlapping, weaving, jutting outward, twisting and spiraling and coming up for air to see where your movements have taken you.  Sometimes I feel that I need to close my eyes and open my mind.  To lock myself away with no outside distractions coming into play, just letting go to wander inside myself, not afraid of where it might take me…

Then the phone rings and I am forced back into my reality.  What I marvel the most about what I consider art innovators, is that they are self absorbed (not in a bad way), in their quest to create and almost all else seldom is center stage.  I’m a dabbler in the arts, playing upon the fringes as my life has always revolved around my family and obligations.  That’s okay, I may never be famous or hang in museums but my work does get some recognition and is purchased by a number of art collectors and I’m fine with that.  For my art is not so much a statement, I am not trying to change the world, just share a little of its beauty with others.  It does show how I perceive the world.

Tuesday – MMA :  Jene and I spent the day with a woman we had met at Jene’s solo photo exhibit in Kyoto, Japan.  She was a student at the time and now was in the US for a eco-conference in Ohio and decided to spend some time in NYC.  We took her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wandered through the Faking It – Manipulated Photography before Photoshop exhibit (runs through 1/27/13) and Regarding Warhol – Sixty Artists, Fifty Years. (runs through 12/31).  I worked in advertising – print production most of my adult life and was always in awe of the photo composite artists – the manipulation and techniques were not foreign to me.  My career spanned the 20th and 21st centuries and I became aware early on for the need of digital manipulation.  At first the craft was left in the hands of technicians but soon artisans learned how to work with a new tool –  computers and the creations became flawless and artistic once again.  Me, I’ve not mastered photoshop in any way, shape or form and would love to manipulate some of my images into the visions that dance around my mind.  Oh well.  It was an interesting exhibit, none-the-less with in-depth explanations of what was done to create the finished photos.

Friday:  – Ailey TheaterYup tonight we are hoping to get tickets for a performance at the Alvin Ailey Theater.  One of Jene’s former dance models Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch, (a former Martha Graham dancer), is now with 360° Dance Company in their 5th Anniversary Season performing at The Ailey Citigroup Theater, Joan Well Center for Dance this weekend.

4 out of 5 days spent surrounded by art, some may call it overload, others call it bliss.  Hopefully tonight’s performance is not sold out.

Mary Durante-Youtt


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