Life – interrupted by hurricane Sandy

Hoboken’s open studio and art tour was postponed due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  The original date was November 4th.   Hoboken like many places along the beaches and rivers had tides rushing into basements and first floor homes and businesses and the clean-up will going on for a long, long time.  Sandy’s wrath left a lot to be desired and getting a city back to normal is something each town is working on as best as they can.  Come out and support the people who make city living more about communities then corporations.  Stroll through Hoboken, stopping into various galleries and studios and see how art humanizes the concrete and steel.  To me art has always been about expression, it speaks volumes sometimes without words, it connects the viewer and the artist and touches each individual differently because we all view the world through different eyes.

Jene and I will be exhibiting our photography at the Monroe Center – 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken. NJ  (free parking in the rear of the building) this Sunday November 18th – noon – 6 pm.  Come join us and celebrate Hoboken, it’s art and community while the city rebuilds itself again.    Mingle with NJ/NY Metro artists and art lovers. 


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